Fresh Look Lindsay Lohan Hairstyles 01

Fresh Look Lindsay Lohan Hairstyles 01

Fresh Look Lindsay Lohan Hairstyles 01Lindsay Lohan Hairstyles Following the trend seen by other celebs, Lindsay goes curly in this picture. Since stick straight is not yet back in, you can get these sexy curls by winding hair around a curling iron barrel. Make sure to use a holding spray to keep curls in place.

Fresh Look Lindsay Lohan Hairstyles 02

Fresh Look Lindsay Lohan Hairstyles 02So our embattled Lindsay Lohan went back to the blonde look, but did you know there’s a reason that Lindsay Lohan changes her hair color so often? No, it’s not just because she can’t decide who she is or what she’s doing with her life, it’s because her hair is — much like the Terror Alert System introduced by the Department of Homeland Security — a coded indicator of what kind of behavior we can expect from the troubled starlet.

Fresh Look Lindsay Lohan Hairstyles 03

Fresh Look Lindsay Lohan Hairstyles 03While Lindsay Lohan has starred in a number of Disney movies, her reputation is far from enchanted. The troubled Lindsay Lohan has fought alcohol and drug addiction, become a regular in rehab and spent much of her fortune on cocaine and liquor, but she looks great doing it. If you long for LiLo's locks, all you need is patience, a little know-how and a willingness to experiment with color. If you're lucky, you may even grace the celebrity news pages more often than Brangelina.

Fresh Look Lindsay Lohan Hairstyles 04

Fresh Look Lindsay Lohan Hairstyles 04Back in 2004, Lindsay Lohan told InStyle that her beauty icon was Brigitte Bardot: "She's always so beautiful, sexy and cool in every way." With so many hair color changes, though, it seems Lohan has graduated from Bardot to the chameleonic Madonna. When not shooting movies like Mean Girls and Georgia Rule, she has fearlessly gone from her natural red to brown to blond to black and back again. Now 25-years-old, she has switched up her career as well, recently expanding her 6126 leggings line into a full clothing collection.

Fresh Look Lindsay Lohan Hairstyles 05

Fresh Look Lindsay Lohan Hairstyles 05Lindsay Lohan tousled waves are so easy to get. Spritz damp hair with wave enhancing spray and part it down the center. Twist hair up into two side buns, and secure them with an elastic. Blast both buns with cold air from a blow dryer until they are semi-dry. Take out the buns and finger comb through your waves. Let them completely dry. Put some styling gel on your palms and tousle your waves to add a haphazard effect.

Fresh Look Lindsay Lohan Hairstyles 06

Fresh Look Lindsay Lohan Hairstyles 06Lindsay Lohan half updo is a little bit country, a little bit rock 'n' roll, and perfect for wavy or curly hair. Work a bit of curling lotion through damp hair and blow dry with a diffuser, scrunching any natural waves to make the most of them. Using a wet comb and some gel, slick hair back on the front and sides, poofing hair up at the crown (you can tease it to get the job done) for a heightened effect. Pin hair in place with bobby pins and set with strong-hold hairspray.

Fresh Look Lindsay Lohan Hairstyles 07

Fresh Look Lindsay Lohan Hairstyles 07Lindsay Lohan side chignon works great on day-old hair. Gather hair into a side pony, leaving half of your hair out at the front. Secure with an elastic. Curl ponytail with a 1-inch curling iron. To get a bit of texture, grab random sections of the ponytail and tease them with a comb, then gently smooth out with a brush. Mist with hairspray. Tie the ponytail into a knot, pinning into place with as many pins as it takes. If a few strands pop out, leave them. You want a slightly messy finish. Part the front of your hair in the center and gather the sides loosely back, wrapping ends that are long enough around the elastic to cover it. Pin into place. Set with more hairspray.

Fresh Look Lindsay Lohan Hairstyles 08

Fresh Look Lindsay Lohan Hairstyles 08Lindsay Lohan wispy low bun is perfect for date nights. Blow dry hair straight with a round brush and apply shine serum. Backcomb (tease) hair at the crown of your head and set with hairspray. Smooth the top with a comb or paddle brush. Pull hair back into a ponytail at the nape of your neck, securing with an elastic and leaving out 2-inch sections (to frame your face) plus a 1-inch section of hair underneath. Wrap the sections of hair that were left out of the ponytail around a one-inch curling iron. Start making a bun by pulling the ponytail through the elastic -- but not all the way through. The end of the pony should be sticking out of the bun, close to your neck. Wrap the section that was left out beneath the ponytail around the elastic to disguise it. Secure with a bobby pin.

Fresh Look Lindsay Lohan Hairstyles 09

Fresh Look Lindsay Lohan Hairstyles 09Lindsay Lohan classic backswept 'do really showcases the face. Make sure your complexion is perfect, since there's no hair to hide behind (kidding). Start by backcombing (teasing) dry hair all around the crown. You should look a bit like you've been electrocuted. Using a boar-bristle brush, smooth teased hair back into either a high bun or a French twist and pin into place. (Angle pins up for the best hold.) Mist all over with strong-hold hairspray.