SHAHID IN SALMAN’S STYLE in the film kaminey

Shahid Kapoor starer film named “Kaminey” is ready to be out soon. In this film the looks of Shahid is much alike of Salman khan. In this film by Vishal Bharadwaj Shahid is in the style of Salman as he putts off his shirt in this film like Salman does it. According to Shahid the film needed him to do that and of course V.B. also wants to present Shahid in his way in his film.
Shahid also added that he has his twin brother in this film which can be a attraction for Shahid’s fan as they will look two Shahids in one film. Shahid’s character is presented differently here, different from his earlier characters.

In this film Shahid worked out a lot to give him a new looks of his. Abbas Ali his trainer says that Shahid worked for about eight months to get these looks of his.