Amrita doing judge on Star plus

Amrita Rao,a Vivah girl who has stolen many hearts with her performance opposite Shahid Kapoor; is now ready to make her debut on small screen. She will be seen very soon doing the seat of a judge in an upcoming reality show on Star Plus. Amirta has been finalized as the third judge in the show- The Perfect Bride. Accompanying her will be Shekhar Suman and Malaik Arora Khan. Megha Gupta and Vishal Malhotra will host the unique show, where a mother gets to choose her bahu and the wife for their son.Amrita was suppose to be the guest judge in one of the episodes, but the channel and the production house offered her a huge amount, and a part that she just couldn’t refuse. Amrita’s filmy career seems to be has just taken off now and so is very excited to be a part of television. She had been appearing as a guest on TV, and also revealed that would like to be a part of such shows.

Cross dressing in Bollywood

She or he of bollywood

Cross-dressing is one of the important roles played in the bollywood from a long time. It adds a different flavor to the films which creates comedy and provides some new to the audience.
The hot stars today don’t hesitate to do these types of roles of cross-dressing.
Cross-dressing means Kamal Hassan in “chachi 420”, Govinda in “Aunty no.1” Ajay Devgan in “golmaal returns”, etc. meaning male doing female roles and female stars in male getup.

This is not a new concept in bollywood but has been played from a long time. The stars neither then nor now had any hesitation in playing these roles. Today not only male stars but also female stars are doing some films or some scenes in male get up to provide some change in the films, which is much appreciated by the audience.

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Bollywood also had seen the time when only male stars are allowed to work in the films or better saying that only male do the roles in the films whether it is male character or female. In those days girls do not feel suitable to work in the films. Girls are not supposed to work in the films because this work is considered to be not worthy for girls and girls from a reputed family can not do this work.

But time changed a lot and now actors and actresses are doing these types of role. Hot Rani mukherji in “Dil bole Haddipa” is doing a Sikh boy role and can be seen soon in her film. This shows that actresses also like and have fun in doing the roles of opposite sex for which they can be remembered by their fans for a long time.

Actors are doing these roles from a long time whether it is in full film or a small role in some scenes. Amitabh Bacchan, the God of bollywood also got the opportunity of playing a role of a woman in his film “Lawaris” in which his fans much appreciated him.

Amir worked as a hot and sexy and handsome girl in his film named “Bazi”. Not only this he had recently done an ad in which he can be seen in both man and woman character at the same time. Half of his body had a Punjabi girl getup and half of the body had a getup of boy. In this advertisement so called Mister perfect of bollywood i.e. Amir khan played a mixed role of man and woman characters which was appreciated by the audience and the brand got famous very rapidly.

Sanjeev kumar, Paintel, Rishi kapoor, Salman khan, Shakti Kapoor, Anupam kher, etc. are some of the bollywood stars who played these cross dressed roles on the Big screens and were much appreciated in their time.

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We already talked of Rani in her latest coming film Dil bole haddipa by Yash Raj films. There are more actresses also who had appeared in the male getup but their number is of course less than male stars doing female roles. Sridevi, Aishwarya, Rani mukherji are some to name who had done some small cross dressed roles in their films.


These actresses when seen in some page 3 parties, when asked about their forth coming films try to ignore them by saying that they can not reveal the truth at present because of some limitations and conditions.

The list of these actresses are day by day adding new names in itself, as some more new faces are entering this industry which looks more sexy, hot, sensuous, stylish and all that which is in demand….
One of the problem for the oldies is to make a choice of hero opposite to them which of course fits with the new ones but can not pair handsomely with these oldies. Although actors which had once worked with these oldies are totally matchable with the new ones that are linking today with this industry, they are also giving their best pair look with them.

Below is the list of actresses which are thinked to be out dated and are not having any work with them, but of course some of them had given some fine works to the industry in their past.

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BOLLYWOOD is introducing many new faces of actresses giving them to reach the highs of this industry. Asin, Jenelin, Trisha,, Shreya, are some to name from south India who had successfully created a magical impact on the minds of their new fans from their first film only. And in the near future they are seen with some big stars and that too in the big budget films as this industry always demands the NEW and SENSUOUS girls these faces in spite of having tough competition are managing to have their impressions in the industry giving an end to the old and some hit beauties.

Apart from all these Jia khan, Neetu Chandra, Madhu Godsey, Sonam kapoor, Shahna goswami etc. are some of the actresses which are in regular publicity and are really becoming more and more hot in news of Bollywood. They are day by day getting an unexpected increment in their fans list. Karina kapoor, priyanka chopra, Katrina kaif, aishwarya rai, deepika padukone, being on the top positions today are always having on an average of 4-5 films in their hands to work with. While there is also a list of those heroines or actresses which are not having a single project of film to work on and are almost empty handed.

Some of them are really in need of some good work and some are taking their hands out of this Bollywood pocket as they are busy with their married life or the audience don’t want to see them any more. What’s the case may be, but there is always a huge list of the actresses which in spite of giving their precious 5-10 years in the film industry have not yet came to the heights of bollywood which bollywood have given to many……


Rimi sen.

The hot and sensuous Rimi can also be placed in the category by seeing her work position in the future. She at present doesn’t have any film on her side. She started from the south films in 2001 but she has collected a huge fan list from the film named “Hungama” in 2003 in which her work was appreciated and liked by the audience because she is in the form which the demand was. She worked almost in 18 films in past 8-9 years, but she can only remembered for her work in the films like Dhoom, Baghban, Golmaal, Johny Gaddar ,etc.

Gracy singh.

Gracy singh already worked with the stars like Amir khan and Sanjay dutt, started her film carrier with the film “HU TU TU” in 1999, got her biggest break in the film “Lagan” and “Munna Bhai MBBS”. Apart from these films of her, she can not be remembered by her fans for any other films. Although Gracy worked in “Dekh re dekh” but the film cannot collect the positive results from the Box office.


Kim sharma

We are taking our step towards that Kim who is known as sex symbol for long time. She also had seen 10 seasons of the Bollywood industry and today the condition is that , she is not having any film in her hand. She is well launched by Yash Chopra in his film “Mohabatein” in 2000 which was a big banner film and that too with big star cast. This film was a hit but can not make Kim to be a hit. She had worked in about 20 films in her 10 years in which “the whispers” and “daddy cool” are still to come. Her affairs with the cricketer Yuvraj singh is still hot giving her enough the publicity and fame to be remembered by the industry.

Ria sen.

Ria is also among those actresses which are supposed to be hot, sensuous and sexy some time back, she also gained a great fan list from some of the hot and hottest scenes given by her. She is some 10 years old in this bollywood and today she only have the films like “Tara sitara” and “Krish 2” in which she only has side role as a heroine and not as a main actress.


Amisha Patel

Yes we of course are talking of that Amisha, who has started her film carrier with the super hit film by Hrithik named “Kaho na pyar hai” in 2000. she has worked in about 30 films in the last 10 years in which “Run bhola run” and “ Chatur singh to star” are still a await.
She is not having any other films in her pocket at present. After giving dozens of flops in a row she now can not gain any confidence of the directors and producers who can take her in their films. This can also due to her affairs with Kanav puri which are today’s hot news for the ears of Bollywood. After doing some tons of films she can only give some 2-3 hits like Kaho na pyar hai and Humraz in 2002. The hot looks of Amisha in Humraz are still not forgettable for her great fans present today also.

Celina Jaitely

This list will go on and can be continued when we add more of the actresses like Celina jaitely, Isha Deol, Isha koppikar, Gul panag, Ayesha takia to this. This seems to happen shortly when they will not be having any further films on their side after completing their going on projects.

Celina, is the name which seems to be adding soon in this list as she is not having any new film in her side at present. She started in the industry giving her hotness to the bollywood by the film named “jaanasheen” in which Firoz khan presented her in bikini. After that film every director seems to be excited to take her in their films in bikini, impressed by her image in Jaanasheen.
After regular exposure in the industry she is now popular only for her talks regarding Gay and lesbians, which can make her alive in the industry.


Amrita arora

Amrita is also some eight years old in this industry known as bollywood and is becoming hot after giving some hot scenes in the bikini, in the film “kambakht ishq”. She started with “kitne door kitne paas” and worked in 21 films up till now. But the sad part is that, she can not be remembered in any of her films in which she has done some good and appreciable work. But any way the story is over by her marriage and to be as a star is not much easy for the married female star.

Isha koppikar

After marrying with Timmy Narang Isha koppikar is also trying herself to take her off with the films. Though she had Don 2, Haseena, Har pal types film but she is still waiting for her film named “Shabri” which hardly seems to release.

Isha deol

Isha deol is the name which most of us have deeply rocked in our minds and one can hardly tell that when she has given a hit film of her. She took birth in the industry in 2002 and can not gain her name and fame up till now. She is unable to give her good work except in “no entry” which is a hit may be due its big star cast and not actually for her work. But of course we can add the film “Yuva” by Mani Ratnam in which she had created her noticeable image. She does her 26 films in last 8 years in which 2 are still await.

Ayesha takia

Ayesha also after her marriage is not ready for all the films that comes to her. Instead she had become very selective and choosy in choosing her films. In this way she now only has some incomplete films that she is trying to complete. Her films “wanted” and “paath shala” are almost completed and now she is busy with “Delhi door nahi”. In her 5 years of film carrier she had worked in almost 21 films in which she can only be appreciated and praised for only one film that is “Dor”. But of course she looks cool in all of her films and done a great job, which can not make her fans easily forget her.


Gul panag

Gul has also linked to this industry for the last 6 years, during this period she worked in almost 10 films and only “Dor” was the film which can make her to be remembered for her work and in no other films, she and her work had actually been noticed by the audience. But at present she is busy with her film named “crooked” with some of the big stars like Abhishek bacchan and Aishwarya, let us see that at what heights this film will lead her to be, whether she will be able to touch the skies of bollywood with this film.

By noticing the behavior of this film industry and from the need of some new faces always it is clear that these upcoming new hotties of the bollywood will prove themselves better than the ‘old’ actresses. And it is better for these oldies and retiring actresses that they should take the retirement from this industry themselves.

Hot Carol Gracias


Anu Aggarwal exposing more than her limits


Amrita Rao's sexy Cle*vage


Sexy and sizzling Kim Sharma


Jyothika's loaded milk tankers


Amrita Rao's hottest picture till date


Ouch! Celina Jaitley's trying hard to protect "NIP-SLIP"

What a dress to wear for a Wedding Anniversary!!!God know where this actresses' mind have gone, she wears anything anywhere!!Apart from this dress being inappropriate for a Wedding Anniversary party it is slippery too. Celina had to pull it up time n again in order to save herself from a "NIP-SLIP"

Hot sexy and saucy ads

It's not only BOLLYWOOD, music videos or movies that are getting sexier and hotter these days. Just switch on your TV sets and you will be bombarded with sexy and saucy ads. Let' have a look at the sexiest and the Hottest ads....

Kangana Ranaut never looked so much hot as she looked in the 'Levis' jeans. She is the brand ambassador of the brand and has no qualms in exposing for the same. She also does not felt any hesitations about exposing while doing her films. That’s a story apart…..

Who would have thought one could perform foreplay on fast food and other food items? That's what Padma Lakshmi did in her ad. The ex-Mrs Salman Rushdie made waves for using her sex appeal to sell junk food. Probably paid much to do these act.

Akshay was seen in a series of ad campaigns for the brand. He looked hot and every time hotter in each and every ads he performs. This ad was a treat for all his fans as he looked his hottest best in the unbuttoned jeans and shirtless.

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Wonders in Bohol Philippines

Bohol is an island province in the Visayas. It lies southeast from Cebu across Bohol Strait and southwest from Leyte, separated by the Camotes Sea and Canigao Channel. Bohol is also located north of Mindanao with Bohol Sea between them. The main island is surrounded by about 73 smaller islands, the largest of which are Panglao Island facing Tagbilaran City in the southwest and Lapinig Island in the northeast.

Near Carmen can be found the major tourist draw of the province, the Chocolate Hills. The more than 1,200 uniformly cone-shaped limestone hills were named that way because in the summer, the grass growing on the hills turn brown, making the landscape look like it had chocolate mounds all over. The Chocolate Hills are found on the provincial seal of Bohol.

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Amrita Arora great fan of “U2”

Its in news that hot and SEXY Amrita Arora being pregnant had dropped the idea of going to a tour of London and Europe because her doctors had advised her for so.

According to one of her friends, Amrita is a great fan of Rock legend “U2”. She owns all the songs of U2. Amrita had a great desire of watching U2 concert at Dublin as she haven’t seen any before.

She also had arranged for it and the tickets. She also had thought of the dress which she was wearing at the concert. But at the time her doctors cancelled all her programs and advised her not to go for the sake of her health.



After Priyanka chopra, Sonam Kapoor and Mallika Sherawat now another hot actress and former miss Universe Lara Dutta also entered the gates of Twitter. While she was busy with her forth coming film “House full”, Lara joined Twitter and opened a new account there.

Her co-star Ritesh Deshmukh helped her to opened account on twitter. On this Micro blogging website Lara wrote in her first tweet that she has opened her account on twitter with the help of RD (Ritesh deshmukh) at the sets of House full.

Hottest Boobs Denise Milani in Bikini

Hottest hollywood boobs Denise milani in bikini