Recently Neha Dhupia, a hot girl was in Hollwood. She was there regarding the launch of an American T.V. series ‘Bollywood Hero’. ‘Bollywood Hero’ is a three part, mini comedy series in which our hot girl played a role opposite to an American actor Kris. Neha played a role of bollywood actress Alima lakhani in this series.

Although, unlike other bollywood stars, Neha also wants to work in the Hollywood films but it is not as easy to get such an opportunity. Working for a tv series and then working lot hard for its promotion can be a sign of her desires.


The hot number of Kylie Minogue in the film ‘Blue’ can not work as affectively as it was thought. The hotness of the film because of Minogue seems to cool down. The hot number can not play that magic to make the film that hit. It was also reported that the song by this beautiful singer and actress alone costed some 55 crores of rupees. Despite of this it had not worked for the film.

Kylie was critcized for the item song in the film and some newspapers in Australia reported that Minogue had failed in her debut in the Bollywood film.

Although it was also reported that the film
had huge collections durin
g its first week only and is supposed to be a hit. It gained some 55 crores during its first weekend only. Bollywood seems to be very happy from the film as 50 percent of the total collection of bollywood during Diwali is from this film only.

Nagarjuna Wife Amala & Satya Raj Romantic run at Beach

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Hot Juhi Chawla song - thigh show

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Neil Nitin mukesh in JAIL

It were the most restless hours of Neil Nitin Mukesh’s life when he spent his time of two hours in Tihar jail on Monday afternoon as part of the role in the film Jail (connected to reality about the life of prisoners).Neil Nitin Mukesh and Madhur Bhandarkar’s jodi is all excited about their upcoming venture ‘Jail’ which is releasing on November 6.

Neil reached Tihar around 2 in the afternoon with his co-star Manoj Bajpai, director Madhur Bhandarkar and music composer Shamir Tandon. Neil, Manoj and Madhur were immediately recognized and mobbed by the inmates. Getting emotional Neil says, “Every barrack has a television with 20 channels. So they had seen our movies. What I saw in their eyes was an amazing pain. We had taken along a small orchestra. Shamir Tandon and all of us sang Lataji’s Daata sun le maula sun le, followed by Kitne ajeeb rishte hain yahan par and Sikandar from Madhur’s Page 3. When we sang Sikandar the prisoners burst into a dance. This was the only time I saw them really let go of themselves.”

He also added that “What I saw in Tihar was not just prisoners put in for punishment. But human beings who have been put in a 400-acre city with the purpose of reforming them and making them suitable for mainstream existence when they are released.”
The two-hour-thirty-minute visit has filled the moments of his life with serious thoughts that have changed Neil’s life forever. “There was cage filled with birds. I hate to see caged birds. I requested the DG of police to please free them. He listened to me, allowed me to enter the big cage and free the birds personally. It was the most liberating experience of my life.”

Mugdha and others teased him a lot by giving him a new nick name of a 'gora'. "There’s also a shopping arcade at Tihar where everything under the sun made by the prisoners is branded TJ (Tihar Jail) and sold. I was told the revenues from these handmade Tihar goods comes to 7.5 crore rupees every year. I bought a kambal (woolen blanket), shawl, kurta, sweets and other edibles.”

Splitting of Deepika and Ranbir

Deepika and Ranbir seems to have split when Neetu Kapoor has started to develop a fondness for Deepika Padukone. Ranbir Kapoor is now having tough time keeping his love affair going smoothly with the dusky beauty. With this it may be called as an irony of fate.

The couple also had not attended Karan Johar’s fashion show and were seen together later in the evening at designer Shabina Khan's party. Looking at their face one could easily get the stress in their relationship. Deepika felt that Ranbir is not committed towards her.

Everyone around them is wondering if this is the beginning of the end. But a friend of Deepika found saying that, "They are together. Fights happen in every relationship. This is the eighth time that everyone's convinced they are heading for a split. But it's all fine. They've patched up."

Priyanka becoming more Expensive...

After giving glamorous and super hit roles in films like Fashion,
y and Dostana, Fashionable doll Priyanka is now in great demand in this bollywood industry. This caused the highly increased rates of priyanka.

According to the latest news She is signed in Rs. 6 crores in film by yash raj banners named "P
yaar impossible". If this story is true Then Priyanka will be the first actress of bollywood to get such a high revenue for her labor in the films.

In this film Uday chopra will be doing with Priyanka. Film will be made under the direction of Jugal hansraj.

Ashutosh Gowariker has decided to take Abhishek Bachchan and Asin as the lead pair for his next film named "Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey".

The movie will be based on the Chittagong Uprising and will have Abhishek Bachchan play Surjya Sen and the shooting of the film will begin around 25th November.
This movie, unlike Ashutosh’s earlier films, will be produced by PVR Pictures and not UTV.

Shahid Kapoor needs better butt for better looks!

Shahid Kapoor seems to need better butt for better looks!
He always needs to wear bum bags since his first film in 2003, to make his rear look in better shape. Shahid, who has worked lot, and is still working, on achieving a good physique, seems still not to be very confident about his butt.

So, in order to make his hips look nice and round like other stars, he uses a bum bag, which is like a small pouch like thing secured with a zipper and is worn at the waist.

Shahid doesn’t wear these bums at home, he only needs to wear them during film shoots because he is afraid his near-flat butt will look bad when others see at them.

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