Splitting of Deepika and Ranbir

Deepika and Ranbir seems to have split when Neetu Kapoor has started to develop a fondness for Deepika Padukone. Ranbir Kapoor is now having tough time keeping his love affair going smoothly with the dusky beauty. With this it may be called as an irony of fate.

The couple also had not attended Karan Johar’s fashion show and were seen together later in the evening at designer Shabina Khan's party. Looking at their face one could easily get the stress in their relationship. Deepika felt that Ranbir is not committed towards her.

Everyone around them is wondering if this is the beginning of the end. But a friend of Deepika found saying that, "They are together. Fights happen in every relationship. This is the eighth time that everyone's convinced they are heading for a split. But it's all fine. They've patched up."