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Kareena Kapoor Has Not To Lose Her Mind, Must Lose Her Weight

For someone who has nearly starved themselves to get a 'size zero' figure, Kareena Kapoor, certainly doesn't seem to be the right spokesperson for a newly inaugurated fitness club.

Still in a world obsessed by celebrity endorsements we have yet another incongruous brand ambassador in Kareena, who launched the first of its kind health and wellness club 'The Fettle Club'.

Kareena Kapoor spoke about her journey to fitness and what it means to eat right and stay fit.

The lady behind the concept of this fitness club, Rujuta Diwekar, talks about the goal of 'The Fettle Club' and says, “Fettle means to be in sound condition and our aim here at the club is to keep your body and mind in fine fettle throughout the year.”

Rujuta also celebrated the anniversary of her bestselling book 'Don't Lose Your Mind Lose Your Weight'.

Apparently weight seems to be weighing on everyone's mind as the lifestyle guide has sold over a lakh copies in less than a year!

Pretty Priyamani Is Having Double Treat

It is a highly prolific period for the pretty Southern actress, Priyamani. She certainly received rave reviews and numerous accolades for her astounding performances in Balu Mahendra's ‘Adhu Oru Kana Kaalam', Ameer Sultan's ‘Paruthiveeran' and Malayalam movie ‘Thirai Kadha'.

Now, she has been offered to essay one of the lead roles in the highly awaited ‘Raavan', ace director Mani Ratnam's bilingual film.

Of course, it's a double treat for the actress as working in Mani Ratnam's film happens to be the cherished dream of every actor in Kollywood. The film will mark her debut in Bollywood as well.

Also, Priyamani has yet another reason to feel ecstatic.

The actress has signed Ram Gopal Varma's multilingual film ‘Rakta Charitra', a film that has invited curiosity due to it being based on the life of the slain political leader Paritala Ravindra.

She will be paired opposite the Southern superstar Surya in the film. The film has reportedly been shot in three different languages– Hindi, Tamil and Telugu simultaneously.

The film is reported to be made in two parts with Vivek Oberoi dominating the screen space in first part while Surya will gain more prominence in the latter part.

Freida Pinto Is Playing Greek Priestess In Epic Movie

Slumdog Millionaire actress Freida Pinto has signed a fantasy-action-drama film "War of Gods" and will portray the character of oracle priestess Phaedra.

Directed by Indian filmmaker Tarsem Singh Dhandwar, the movie is anticipated to be high on action and special effects and might also be made into a 3D movie.

Freida's spokesperson has confirmed that she (Freida) would be part of the film and refused to divulge any more details about the project.

The film is about Theseus, played by Henry Cavill, a warrior from Greek mythology who takes on the Greek gods. Phaedra is an ally with Theseus in his fight against the titans.

The movie is slated for a 2011 release with production starting in April.

Jane Campion Wasn't Sexually Harassed In Delhi

Oscar winning New Zealand filmmaker Jane Campion has blasted reports that she was sexually harassed in India during her stay here last year.

"I was not sexually harassed by the festival director's husband and did not make that allegation, " she said in a statement Wednesday.

"However at least two other delegates I spoke to and a third I heard about, did have bad experiences with the festival director's husband and I hear they went on to make allegations of sexual harassment, " she added.

A leading daily reported Tuesday that Campion, who won an Oscar in 1993 for her screenplay for "The Piano" and Pakistani filmmaker Ayesha Arif Khan complained to the Ministry of Urban Development here of sexual harassment during their stay in the capital, reports nzherald.co.nz.

Reports suggested that they accused Bhaskar Deb, husband of Festival Director Shyamali Banerjee, of making lewd advances and harassing them during their stay here during the 5th India International Women's film Festival here Dec 15-22 last year.

"At parties, Bhaskar would get really drunk and obnoxious and that is not the objective of any director's visit to India, " Khan had said to a news channel.

"I am trying to raise it as a feminist representation issue and it's very sad that we are female filmmakers and we have been treated like this by the organisers of the film festival, " she added.

The two female filmmakers also claimed that they were forced to leave in haste after they discovered that the fest was fraudulent.

Bhaskar Deb claimed that the allegations against him are baseless.

"I'm not well versed in English or Hindi. How can I speak to a foreign filmmaker? I haven't seen Jane Campion at the festival. She was in the country but didn't attend the event, " he told a news channel here.

"Ayesha was here for three-four days after she made the allegations. She even mingled with my family. Why is she making such statements now?" he asked.

Banerjee also spoke in her husband's defence.

"It's all a conspiracy. Since their aspirations are high which could not be fulfilled so they are trying to damage our festival in this way, " she said.

Mallika Sarabhai's Open Letter to Amitabh Bachchan

Mallika Sarabhai, a danseuse and social activist, wrote the following letter to Amitabh Bachchan to question his support for Narendra Modi’s Gujarat.

“My dear Bachchanji, Greetings from a Gujarati You are indeed a fine actor. You are an intelligent man and a shrewd businessman.

But should I believe in your endorsements? Let’s take a brief look at what you proclaim you believe in (albeit for huge sums of money). BPL, ICICI, Parker and Luxor pens, Maruti Versa, Cadbury’s chocolates, Nerolac paints, Dabur, Emami, Eveready, Sahara City Homes, D’damas, Binani Cement and Reliance. And now Gujarat.

I wonder how you decide what to endorse. Is your house built with Binani Cement? Do you really like Cadbury’s chocolates or do you have to resort to Dabur’s hajmola (whose efficacy you have earlier checked) after eating them? And having endorsed two pens, one very upmarket and one rather down, which one do you use?

Have you, except perhaps for the shooting of the ad, ever driven or been driven in a Versa? Do you know whether the Nerolac paint in your home (you do use it don’t you?) has lead in it that can poison you slowly as it does so many people? Or are the decisions entirely monetary?

It has been reported that no direct fee will be paid to you for being my Brand Ambassador.

So, with no monetary decision to guide you, how did you decide to say yes? Did you check on the state of the State? I doubt it, for the decision and the announcement came from one single meeting. And I somehow doubt that you have been following the news on Gujarat closely.

So, as a Gujarati, permit me to introduce my State to you.

Everyone knows of our vibrancy, of the billions and trillions pouring into our State through the two yearly jamborees called Vibrant Gujarat. But did you know that by the government’s own admission no more than 23 per cent of these have actually moved beyond the MOU stage?

That while huge subsidies are being granted to our richest business houses, over 75,000 small and medium businesses have shut down rendering one million more people jobless.

You know of Gujarat’s fastpaced growth and the FDI pouring in, you have no doubt seen pictures of the czars of the business world lining up to pour money to develop us. To develop whom?

Did you know that our poor are getting poorer? That while the all-India reduction in poverty between 1993 and 2005 is 8.5 per cent, in Gujarat it is a mere 2.8 per cent?

That we have entire farmer families committing suicide, not just the male head of the household?

You have heard of how some mealy mouthed NGO types have been blocking the progress of the Narmada project, how the government has prevailed, and water is pouring down every thirsty mouth and every bit of thirsty land.

But did you know that in the 49 years since it was started, and in spite of the Rs29,000 crore spent on it, only 29 per cent of the work is complete?

That the construction is so poor (lots of sand added to the you know which cement) that over the last nine years there have been 308 breaches, ruining lakhs of farmers whose fields were flooded, ruining the poorest salt farmers whose salt was washed away?

That whereas in 1999, 4,743 of Gujarat’s villages were without drinking water, within two years that figure had gone up to 11,390 villages? (I cannot even begin to project those figures for today — but do know that the figure has gone up dramatically rather than down).

With our CM, hailed as the CEO of Gujarat, we have once again achieved number one status — in indebtedness.

In 2001, the state debt was Rs14,000 crore. This was before the State became a multinational company.

Today it stands at Rs1,05,000 crore. And to service this debt we pay a whopping Rs7,000 crore a year, 25 per cent of our annual budget.

Meanwhile, our spending on education is down, no new public hospitals for the poor are being built, fishermen are going a begging as the seas turn turgid with effluents, more mothers die at birth per thousand than in the rest of India, and our general performance on the Human Development Index is nearly the first — from the bottom.

One rape a day, 17 cases of violence against women, and, over the last 10 years, 8,802 suicides and 18,152 “ accidental” deaths of women have been officially reported. You can imagine the real figures. You have said that you are our ambassador because we have Somnath and Gandhi.

Somnath was built for the people. Gandhiji was a man of the people. Do the people of this State matter to you? If they do, perhaps your decision will be different. I hope you will read this letter and decide. In warmth and friendship, Mallika”

Big B has recently become brand ambassador of Modi’s state — Gujarat. "There are lots of good things in Gujarat which should be promoted. I am ready to give my voice and face for the promotion of Gujarat tourism." Bachchan had said to media during special screening of 'Paa' with Chief minister of Gujarat Narendra Modi.

While Shahrukh Khan, Bollywood’s other superstar never went quite so far, he did say in an interview that he had nothing against Narendra Modi because Modi had never harmed him personally.

Shruti Hassan Unfazed By Romantic Linkup With Siddharth

These days, Shruti Haasan's romantic link-up with actor Siddharth has been the bread-and-butter story for many gossip columnists.

But Shruti, in an unaffected manner, utters, “My father respects me a lot and has given me immense freedom. I know that freedom brings with it plentiful responsibilities.

I will adhere to this mantra forever. As of now, I am completely focused on my career and on producing some good personal achievements in the music industry.”

Adding more, she proclaims, “Being independent urges you to take the right decisions. There is no room for confusion.”

Since Shruti Haasan feels that Bollywood is an appropriate place for gaining exposure, she is searching for a good place to reside in Mumbai. She has already started delivering melodies for her dad Kamal Haasan's upcoming film 'Yaavarum Kelir' that is ready to take off by March.

Shruti Haasan has almost completed shooting for her Telugu film with Siddharth, which is slated to hit the screens in July 2010.

Claudia Ciesla Kissed Salman Khan To Get Publicity

Topless German model and Big Boss contestant Claudia Ciesla was seen at a charity event in Mumbai on Sunday last week, where Salman Khan was present.

According to some press photographers Claudia ciesla walked up to Salman Khan and kissed him. The entire act was a publicity stunt for the media cameras to boost Claudia's falling TRPs as she has been unemployed and out of work after Big Boss.

Apparently Claudia made all the right noises and played to the gallery to attract maximum media attention. She made the most of Salman Khan's presence at the event. Wonder what Salman Khan has to say about such publicity stunts.

According to a press release issued by her Claudia Ciesla of Bigg Boss fame met Bollywood superstar Salman Khan at the Being Human event auction at Trident BKC held in association with a sports management company and TI Cycles to launch India's first ever international cycling event, Mumbai Cyclothon - Tour De Mumbai held at Bandra Reclamation on Sunday, 21st February, 2010.

We wonder what was Claudia doing at this event. Was it for charity or was she promoting herself by linking herself to Salman Khan?

Her press release reads, Claudia, who is just back from Germany went up to Salman Khan and congratulating him and expressing her support in the noble cause that the superstar has been endorsing.

Claudia met Salman for the first time since media reports that linked her to the superstar that surfaced last year.

However, the generous Bade Dilwala superstar displayed his class and his 'bigheartedness' while greeting the German-born actress and also chatting up with her at the Trident BKC event.

Claudia bid farewell to the superstar by giving him a peck on his left cheek that had the superstar blushing away to glory. And Claudia went away gushing with joy at being reunited with her good old friend. Well great PR Claudia, keep it up.

A Fascinating Fight Between Shaan & Shreya?

Music Ka Maha Muqqabla by Saibaba Telefilms brings its last semi-final round between Shreya's Superstars Vs. Shaan's Strikers this Sunday, February 28, 2010 on Star Plus at 9pm.

This episode was doubly special for both, Shaan's Strikers and Shreya's Superstars, because the festival of Holi was being celebrated on the sets of Music ka Maha Muqqabla.

All the captains were dressed in white and entered the stage singing “Rang Barse”. But the whites did not remain squeaky-clean for too long as we quickly saw the captains throwing colors on each other.

To add to the color and flavor of Holi, we had the famous Bhojpuri singer Manoj Tiwari to support Shreya's team and Ravi Kishan to support Shaan's team.

ROUND 1: Muqqabla Aamne-Saamne

Shaan's Strikers couldn't have had a better option than Anweshaa to start their innings in their last semi-final match. Once again, Anweshaa, with her song, “Tumhari adaaon pe”, made her captain proud.

The judges were almost speechless after this performance. Himesh was so touched by her performance that he offered her an opportunity to sing a song in one of his upcoming films.

Ujjaini from Shreya's team came up with a totally different song “Mausam ki Adla badli” but nevertheless gave equally good competition to Anweshaa. Some light humor by the two Bhojpuri boys kept the spirit of Holi alive throughout the show.

ROUND 2: Muqqabla Jugalband

In this round too, both the teams had their two strong players pitted against each other. Aabhaas from Shreya's team and Debojit from Shaan's team came down to do the jugalbandi on “Aane waala pal”. With their different tonal qualities and pitch, they were able to impress the judges gradually throughout their performance.

ROUND 3: Tata Docomo Muqqabla Mix

Both the teams were determined to win this Muqqabla and this was quite evident in this round. This turned out to be a captain vs. captain round, as Shaan pitted against Shreya for this one.

Shreya came first and, as always, gave a stupendous performance on “Dola re Dola”. But it seemed Shaan also did not want to repeat history for his team and did not think twice before coming on stage to sing “Dus Bahane”.

Shaan said, ''he was enjoying the flavour of Holi but, at the same time, winning was very important for him.”

ROUND 4: Muqqabla Dil Se

The competition was undoubtedly getting tougher as both the captains once again appeared against each other. Shaan, along with his most trustworthy singer, Anweshaa, came to sing “Tum aa gaye ho”.

Shaan said that, whenever he sang romantic numbers, it was always for his wife and this too was a dedication to her.

Shreya also did not waste any opportunity of making her team win this Muqqabla and walked with Aneek to sing her favorite song “Teri Ore”.

All the captains gave a standing ovation, especially to Aneek, because they thought that he was outstanding. Himesh also said that “Aneek was one of his favorite singers in the competition”.

ROUND 5: Muqqabla Aar-Paar

This match was a do-or-die situation for both Shaan's Strikers and Shreya's Superstars. Shaan's Strikers came first to perform in the last round. The festivities of the season were once again brought to the fore by the Holi medley that Shaan's team performed.

They sang various songs, ranging from “aaj na chhodenge”, “Holi ke din” to the latest “do me a favor”. Shreya's Superstars once again emerged on the stage with a forceful message with their medley.

They had a well-knit medley based on peace and they sang beautiful numbers like “Noor-e-Khuda”, “Ekla Chalo” and “Heal the world”. Their medley touched the hearts of many and gave across a very potent message which is the need of the hour too.

After a heated Muqqabla between the two, which one of the two teams enjoys the colorful victory? Tune into Star plus at 9pm this Sunday to watch a colorful Holi special episode of Music Ka Maha Muqqabla.

Vivek Oberoi Is Learning Drums Playing For Prince Movie

After learning how to strum a guitar for his film "Omkara", Bollywood star Vivek Oberoi has now learnt how to play the drums for his forthcoming film "Prince".

For a sequence in the song "Oh mere khuda", Vivek was to be shown playing the drums and he wanted it to look authentic. After discussing this with his producer Kumar Taurani, Vivek got a a drum instructor on the sets, said a source from the unit.

"It took a few days of training at lunch time for Vivek to get it right," said the source.

"Prince", releasing March 26, is a fast paced slick action thriller. It is about a savvy thief who is the most wanted man in the country.

Shahrukh Khan Didn't Forgot His Old Friend Farah Khan

While Farah Khan may have moved on to Akki with her 'Tees Maar Khan' but SRK has not forgotten his old friend.

The actor who is busy preparing for his superhero venture Ra1 surprised everyone when he told composer duo Vishal-Shekhar to allot their dates to Farah which they had blocked for Ra1.

However, the music directors couldn't delay SRK's film either, as Ra1 director Anubhav Sinha is eager to begin shooting. So the composers decided to work on both the films simultaneously.

Confirming the news Vishal told a leading tabloid, "Both Farah and SRK allow comfort and space for each other's recordings. So, both are being recorded simultaneously. Our dates and schedules are mapped out and pretty soild, so no issues there.

Luckily, the styles for both films are so different that we get to try new and different things for both. While Ra1 will have a more futuristic score, Tees Maar Khan will have a popular mainstream sound for the masses."

Meanwhile the King Khan is working hard to rebuild his six-pack abs. A source said, “SRK is on a strict diet for the film because he wants to get into a killer shape before he begins shooting for 'Ra1'."

A man with the heart of gold we would say!

Neil Nitin Mukesh Will Be In Dhoom 3

It's Dhoom time again for Yash Raj banner but with some new faces. We hear that YRF has summoned Sanjay Gadhvi again to direct the next instalment of the 'Dhoom' series which will star their current blue-eyed boy Neil Nitin Mukesh.

According to a source, “Neil who's very close to Yash Raj Films has convinced Aditya Chopra to let Gadhvi do the third Dhoom movie. Neil himself is very keen on being part of the third installment.

Adi assured him there would be room for the young actor who's currently shooting for Yash Raj's Lafange Parinde.”

When contacted Sanjay Gadhvi, the young director said, “Everyone keeps asking me about 'Dhoom 3.' But the franchise belongs to Yash Raj Films. If Adi asks me to do it, I'd take the plunge, no two ways about it. Anything for Adi.”

Meanwhile, Neil Nitin Mukesh is tight lipped about the whole project as he said, “Who doesn't want to be part of the 'Dhoom' franchise? I'd love to be in 'Dhoom 3.' If Adi directs it, nothing like it. I've met Sanjay Gadhvi for a movie over a meal of rajma and chawal, and that's all I can tell you right now.”

Ranbir Kapoor Talked About His Girlfriends With Bipasha Basu

Torn between his love for Deepika and fascination for Priyanka, Ranbir Kapoor finds solace in his one-to-one chats with Bipasha basu. The two are said to be the close buddies and share the intimate details about their lives.

A source says that whenever the actor wants to relax and chit-chat about some personal stuff – like confessing about his girlfriends or just have a quiet dinner with a pal, he doesn't think twice before calling up Bips!

Bips is also very fond of Ranbir and she thinks he will be No.1 someday. Her beau John Abraham knows of her friendship with Ranbir. In fact John doesn't seem to mind Ranbir at all.

The sexy lady of Bollywood is also a good friend of Ajay Devgan and together they get along like a house on fire. So what makes Bips so special as a friend, especially for male actors?

Fatrina To Katrina - Zarine Khan Losted It

The girl who aspired to emulate Katrina's success story ended up with a nickname Fatrina after Veer's disastrous run at box-office. Thanks to her chocolate diet recommended by Salman, Zarine Khan is having hard time shedding the flab.

The newbie has been gymming daily for over an hour coupled with swimming and jogging and the results are more than encouraging. Sources say that she will feature in Salman Khan starrer 'Kick', and producer Sajid Nadiadwala has asked her to shed weight.

Talking about her weight gain, a source said, “Sallu had put his 'Veer' co-star on a chocolate diet to pile on kilos for the period drama.

The actor had personally taken an interest in her diet, making sure she gorged on cakes and pastries as her role required her to look fuller and more curvaceous. She went on to gain over 10 kilos for her screen persona of a princess in the movie.”

Also confirming her weight gain issues, Zarine said, "Every morning, I do pilates for an hour with Yasmin Karachiwalla. While weight training is thrice a week also with her."

Aishwarya Rai Is Angry Over The Pregnancy Reports

Aishwarya Rai is furious these days and in no mood to forget or forgive the tabloid which recently published a report of her having pregnancy problems because of stomach TB.

She also backed out of performing at an award function associated with the mother company of the tabloid, for which she was being paid around Rs 85 lakh.

Aishwarya, who seldom dances at events after her marriage, had agreed to this particular function after a lot of consideration. But the moment she came to know that the 'blacklisted' daily was involved with the function, she backed out.

The Bachchan family has been demanding apology from the tabloid. She has even sent them a stern mail asking for an apology for publishing such baseless reports while hubby Abhishek had blasted the daily on Twitter.

However the apology hasn't come yet.

Kareena Kapoor Is Helping Soha Ali Khan's Boyfriend

Lady luck smiled on Kunal Khemu once again when Kareena Kapoor turned into his guiding angel in Bollywood. The '99' star who is currently dating Saif's kid sister Soha Ali Khan got a strong recommendation from Bebo and landed up in 'Golmaal 3'.

The buzz has it that Kareena told Rohit Shetty that Kunal would be an asset in his forthcoming Golmaal instalment.

Confirming the news a source said, “Recently Saif, Kareena, Soha and Kunal met for dinner. Kareena and Kunal had an intense conversation about his movies and forthcoming projects.

She thinks he is a very talented actor and is just making the wrong choices with his movies. She mentioned the same to him and discussed 'Golmaal 3' with him.”

“Golmaal director Rohit was hunting for the star cast and Kareena was aware of that. We hear she had a word with Rohit, who was convinced by Kareena's reasoning.

The director immediately decided that Kunal should be sharing the screen space with Kareena, Ajay Devgan Tusshar Kapoor, Shreyas Talpade, Arshad Warsi and Mithun Chakraborty. This is a good break for Kunal and will put him in another league, ” adds the source.

Says Rohit Shetty, “Even before the scripting of Gol Maal 3 Sharman sent me a message through his secretary saying he had other plans. I immediately looked for a replacement and am very happy with Kunal Khemu. ”

Shahid Kapoor's Thanks For His Surprising Birthday Party

Bollywood star Shahid Kapoor, who turned 29 Thursday, was given a surprise birthday party by his family and friends.

"I was given a surprise birthday party and I sure was surprised. Even dad and family were in on it. Wow! It's actually my first surprise birthday party," Shahid posted on micro-blogging site Twitter.

The actor was wished by a number of celebrities, including Karan Johar and Farah Ali Khan.

He has thanked everyone for their wishes.

"Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all the birthday wishes. Love you all," he added.

Shahid also got another surprise when Police raided his party for violating the stipulated deadline. After receiving information that Esco bar, where the actor's birthday bash was on, was entertaining the guests beyond 1.30 am deadline, police reached the place and stopped the music.

After inspecting the pub, manager Subhash Bhosale was fined Rs 5,000 for violating norms of the Bombay Police Act by keeping the bar open beyond 1.30 am deadline, said senior inspector Prakash George of Bandra Police Station.

Shahid's friend and co-star of his last release "Chance Pe Dance", Genelia D'Souza, too attended the party.

Ranbir Kapoor Wants Back Her Old Girl Friend Deepika

While Deepika Padukone admits she is totally over her ex-beau Ranbir, the same can't be said about the Kapoor lad, claims the latest buzz in town.

We hear that Ranbir, who's in US shooting for his film 'Anjaana Anjaani' with Priyanka Chopra, has been frantically sms-ing Deepika urging her to come back in his life, after he got wind of her alleged link-up with Shahid Kapoor.

Confirming the news a close friend of Dips said, “It was Ranbir who told Deepika that the relationship was off. She took it on her chin and moved on, keeping the hurt to herself.

But the minute Ranbir heard about rumours linking her to Shahid Kapoor, he started sms-ing Deepika and their mutual friends, asking if the rumours were true.”

Though Deepika's dignity dissuades her from talking about her past, there's a distinct possibility of reconciliation.

Moreover, what makes this love triangle interesting is the fact that Shahid is now trying to renew his relationship with Priyanka Chopra that ended on a rocky note a few days before Christmas last year.

The couple has been surrounded by a series of misunderstandings and is now making desperate attempts to rekindle past affair.

While it is not clear who broke the ice, Priyanka and Shahid, who stay in the same building Raj Classic at Yari Road, are frequently calling each other and sending text messages.

Shahid also messaged Priyanka congratulating her on the National Award for Fashion. As expected, Piggy Chops thanked him for the wishes but after some time.

“Priyanka is still very fond of Shahid and if there is any girl who is on Shahid's mind right now, it's Priyanka,” a source told a daily.

Vidya leading a healthier lifestyles by losing weight.

In a recent interview with Vidya Balan she talked about her losing weight and getting a better and healthier lifestyles. By her New looks and after losing weight Post 'Paa' and 'Ishqiya' Vidya Balan has become 'Hot cake' in Bollywood. 
She also thanked God for being too kind to her these days. She said that "I am being offered roles where I can learn a lot, as well as strain myself to get the actor out of me."

She also said about her losing weight: "You know, after years of torturing myself, I have finally trying to lead a better and healthier lifestyle." and further explained that "In order to lose weight, I used to starve myself for 12-14 hours at a stretch; didn't sleep enough."

"Now I eat every two hours; sleep for eight hours when I can or at least 5-6 hours when shooting. You know, there's a myth that sleep makes you fat. But I can now confidently say 'Sleep to lose weight'. Sleep is a very very important part of being fit."

"I generally work out 4-5 times a week for 45 minutes to an hour. Mostly I do calisthenics (strength training); at times I run on the beach or jog on the spot. The funda is to enjoy your sweating out."


Shahid celebrating his Birthday Hugely with Deepika

This day of Thursday is a special for Shahid Kapoor as he is going to be 29 today. Its being reported that at his birthday party he will be having a special friend which was secretly planned by Director Siddharth Malhotra. The director prepared the list of the guest with the help of Mubina Rattonsey. But when our Shahid listened about this surprise party he requested the director to add on eof his friend to the list i.e. Deepika Padukone.

its also been reported that this year is a great start for Shahid and he is in the mood to celebrate it huge with his Birthday. Also, he wants to make it like a power event with the who`s who of the industry attending. Its also seen that Deepika and Shahid are now days very fond of each other. Although they are not doing any film together, they are having good time with each other since they met at a private party and instantly clicked.

Sources says that Shahid is really wooing Deepika and she is too interested. Let’s see where this interest in each other will let them go and the time will tell that how serious and long lasting is this interest. They are also trying to be in touch with each other through the phone and it seems that they will do the film together in the near future.

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Movie Review Of "Toh Baat Pakki"

Starring Tabu, Ayub Khan, Vatsal Seth, Sharman Joshi

Directed Kedar Shindre

Rating: *

It’s the other film this week Click that’s meant to be a horror flick. But Toh Baat Pakki is a bigger horror than anything this week, or in any recent week.

To think that the divine Tabu stars in it makes the blood boil.

On paper the idea of playing the busybody housewife Rajeshwari who seems to have only one mission in life, namely to see her sister (newcomer Yuvika) married off, must have sounded like an exciting new character to explore for the brilliant actress.

Alas, Tabu had not bargained for the mundane situations and the pedestrian dialogues that her character is put into.

Baat Pakki is one of those tragic comedies that don’t elicit a hint of humour. If Basu Chatterjee lost the plot, he would probably have turned up with this listless ode to the middle-of-the-road movies of the 1970s.

This middle-of-the-roader gets stranded in the middle of nowhere. The plot is intrinsically bereft of ingenuity. The direction is plodding and strained most of the way

Among the many problems that plague the plot is the lack of inherent drama in Tabu’s character. Her character has no inner life, no motivating emotions except hatching silly match-making schemes for her giddy-headed sister to tie the knot.

She first invites Sharman into her home as a tenant. Then Vatsal. Before a third tenant gets the suitor’s suite we make a quick exit out of the theatre.

Tabu plays the interesting-on-paper dreadful-in-execution housewife as part-schemer, part-dreamer but entirely annoying and avoidable.

Unlike the shrew that Sridevi played with full-blooded passion in Judaai Tabu’s Rajeshwari is a woman caught in annoying confusions of self-assertion. And she’s not to blame. What do you do with a narration that has been shot on the sets erected in Ooty for Raj Kumar Santoshi’s Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani?

The lingering condition of a hangover mixed with yesterday’s leftovers stays with the film right till the bustling conclusion when all of Rajeshwari’s match-making manipulation come to fatuous fruition.

Toh Baat Pakki tries hard to be charming and quaint. It lacks that lightness of weight that would have made the characters appear larger than life in an unstrained, unstained atmosphere.

A pity, since the ethereal Tabu is hardly seen in any film. She tries bravely to get out of her dramatic space to deliver a broad satirical performance that screams for behind-the-scenes fine-tuning. She gets no support from her co-stars except maybe Ayub Khan who as her supportive husband plays a thankless part with warmth.

Sharman Joshi as Tabu’s sister’s first suitor has done the goofy act lately in 3 Idiots. Here he has nothing new or appealing to add to his uninspired character.

Vatsal Seth as suitor no. 2 gives his clean-cut good-boy role a genial treatment. The second -half when Sharman pretending to be the bride-to-be’s well-wisher tries to influence Vatsal against the marital alliance is suspiciously similar to Yash Chopra’s Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai.

That at least had some derivative energy to sustain its silly romantic movement. Toh Baat Pakki is as inert at its centre as a clock that stopped ticking while you were sleeping.

Avoid, even if you are a diehard Tabu fan. In fact please avoid IF you are Tabu fan.

Movie Review Of "Click"

Starring Shreyas Talpade, Sadaa, Sneha Ullal

Directed by Sangeeth Sivan

Rating: **

If you can accept Shreyas Talpade as a womanizing glam photographer who clicks with the ladies, so to speak, and Sneha Ullal (remember her as Salman Khan’s under-age lover-girl in Lucky) then the underlining them of love- on-the-prowl in afterlife is chilling in fits spasms and spurts.

Director Sangeeth Sivan who had earlier carved a comic slant for himself with Kya Kool Hain Hum, displays a penchant for projecting a mood of ominous foreboding into the finely-lit frames.

The camera (T Ramji) is impeccably mood-oriented. The idyllic Goanese outdoors and the neat spacious artistically-designed interiors are used intelligently to create a sense of horrific disorder under the commodious elegant surfaces.

Sandeep Chowta’s reined-in background score is another asset to the mood of underlying foreboding, though the songs done as annoying set-pieces with auto-pilot choreography, are like a molar surgery in the middle of a trying day.

The sound-design mercifully precludes startling noises and creaking doors. Like Ram Gopal Varma’s Bhoot, Click focuses on finding the centre of the terror in ordinary circumstances.

If only portions of the plot was not so hard to digest. Moving on an age-old premise for horror cinema where the protagonist’s past trespasses catch up with him in chilling infinity, Click creates a mĂ©lange of intended terror and unintended humour.

Talpade (somewhat miscast) is the not-so-fashionable fashion photographer whose camera begins to capture spirits.

The feeling of something-out-there is well-developed. But the gruesome pre-denouement gang-rape and murder are not just out of place but done with unpardonable half-heartedness.

Some of the hero’s trysts with the spook, such as the sequence where he climbs down a fire escape with the spirit in hot pursuit, are spine-chilling.

The dying moments where Avi’s past guilt literally rides on his shoulder and apparently for the rest of his life, are a terrifying representation of guilt, almost Kafakesque in their resonances, though the rest of the film is too flighty to carry the existential burden.

While Shreyas is effective in the traumatized moments his two co-stars are listless.Blessedly this shiver giver seems original.

And we can’t fault the film for cracking the horror genre with a basic amount of finesse.

Vidya Balan Couldn't Believe On Her Luck

Nanda along with best friend Waheeda Rehman made a rare appearance on Tuesday for a screening of Ravi Jadhav’s highly-acclaimed Marathi film Natarang at the Ketnav theatre in Pali Hill.

But on condition that no press or photographers were to be present. Apparently, the reclusive actress is now unrecognizable, having put on a lot of weight.

Vidya Balan who was present at the screening can’t believe her luck!

“Nanda ji was with Waheeda ji…can you imagine they’ve been friends for 45 years? When I went over to greet Waheeda ji she introduced me to Nanda ji. I just gawked.

When Nanda ji spoke it was that same melodious voice we used to hear in her films. She told me she was a Capricorn just like me. I was completely stunned by her graciousness.

Later I came to know Waheeda ji, Nanda ji, Shammi Aunty and Asha Parekh ji are a close circle of friends. Only Asha ji was missing at the screening that day. ”

This was Nanda’s first public appearance since she went into voluntary exile after the sudden and shocking death of her fiancĂ© filmmaker Manmohan Desai in 1994.

She has been so much out of the public eye that it took Natarang’s leading man Atul Kulkarni some time to recognize the still-lovely actress.

Recalling the historic moment Atul said, “This beautiful lady came up to me after the screening and started talking to me in fluent Marathi.

It was Nanda ji. It was such a pleasant surprise to see her. She had come with Waheeda ji whom I had invited and urged to bring along Nanda ji also. ”

Atul came close to Waheeda Rahman during the shooting of Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra’s Rang De Basanti and Delhi 6. Also present at the screening of Natarang on Tuesday were veteran actresses Helen and Shammi, along with Urmila Matondkar and Vidya Balan.

Says Atul, “It was a special evening with these very special ladies. But then Natarang is a special film about music and dance and perhaps that’s what attracted Waheeda ji and her friends. ”

My Name Is Khan Will Be Playing For Non NRI's In USA

This summer My Name Is Khan (MNIK) will be playing for a non-NRI audience in theatres across the US.

And the version of MNIK that American audiences will get to see will be different from original film as released so far in India and overseas for the NRI audiences.

Shah Rukh Khan confirms this decision to shorten the film for American audiences. Says Shah Rukh, “Yes, we are cutting down the length of the film for the American audience.

Their requirements are different from the traditional audience for Hindi cinema. We’re in this way extending the life span of a Hindi film with first a worldwide release for Indian audiences and then phased out releases for non-Indian audiences. ”

Says the film director Karan Johar, “Yes, the version for Americans will be shorter though not radically different.

We’ve left the American version’s editing to the film’s editor Deepa Bhatia. She is experienced and versatile enough to understand what would be palatable to the American audiences.

Deepa has worked on feature films as well as documentaries. She’s edited films for everyone from me to Govind Nihalani. ”

Karan admits it’s not the songs nor the length that will determine the shape and size of the American version of MNIK. “The first thing we heard from the American market is, we love the songs. So the songs stay. Deepa Bhatia is looking at what to remove. ”

This summer when the film releases for a non-diaspora audience in the US, Shah Rukh, Karan and Kajol will be in the country for the American premiere.

“We’re committed to our American producers Fox-Star to take the film to the US and any other part of the world where it will be screened in whichever avatar. ”

Zarine Khan Kept Her Commitments Garners Respect

Zarine Khan– the gorgeous actress who generated a whole lot of curiosity over her debut in ‘Veer’ is keeping to her commitments in spite of being terribly ill.

According to grapevine, “Zarine is keeping up with all her professional commitments. She attended all the interviews that were lined up in spite of being under heavy medication. She has been ill for quite a while now, but that doesn’t affect her approach to work.”

We come to hear that those who have interacted with Zarine so far have only good things to say about her, “This early in her career Zarine has garnered a lot of respect, as she keeps to her commitments and is a ready learner”.

Well we’re sure great things are in store for Zarine as she goes ahead with the right attitude.