Ranbir Kapoor Talked About His Girlfriends With Bipasha Basu

Torn between his love for Deepika and fascination for Priyanka, Ranbir Kapoor finds solace in his one-to-one chats with Bipasha basu. The two are said to be the close buddies and share the intimate details about their lives.

A source says that whenever the actor wants to relax and chit-chat about some personal stuff – like confessing about his girlfriends or just have a quiet dinner with a pal, he doesn't think twice before calling up Bips!

Bips is also very fond of Ranbir and she thinks he will be No.1 someday. Her beau John Abraham knows of her friendship with Ranbir. In fact John doesn't seem to mind Ranbir at all.

The sexy lady of Bollywood is also a good friend of Ajay Devgan and together they get along like a house on fire. So what makes Bips so special as a friend, especially for male actors?