Shahid celebrating his Birthday Hugely with Deepika

This day of Thursday is a special for Shahid Kapoor as he is going to be 29 today. Its being reported that at his birthday party he will be having a special friend which was secretly planned by Director Siddharth Malhotra. The director prepared the list of the guest with the help of Mubina Rattonsey. But when our Shahid listened about this surprise party he requested the director to add on eof his friend to the list i.e. Deepika Padukone.

its also been reported that this year is a great start for Shahid and he is in the mood to celebrate it huge with his Birthday. Also, he wants to make it like a power event with the who`s who of the industry attending. Its also seen that Deepika and Shahid are now days very fond of each other. Although they are not doing any film together, they are having good time with each other since they met at a private party and instantly clicked.

Sources says that Shahid is really wooing Deepika and she is too interested. Let’s see where this interest in each other will let them go and the time will tell that how serious and long lasting is this interest. They are also trying to be in touch with each other through the phone and it seems that they will do the film together in the near future.