Shruti Hassan Unfazed By Romantic Linkup With Siddharth

These days, Shruti Haasan's romantic link-up with actor Siddharth has been the bread-and-butter story for many gossip columnists.

But Shruti, in an unaffected manner, utters, “My father respects me a lot and has given me immense freedom. I know that freedom brings with it plentiful responsibilities.

I will adhere to this mantra forever. As of now, I am completely focused on my career and on producing some good personal achievements in the music industry.”

Adding more, she proclaims, “Being independent urges you to take the right decisions. There is no room for confusion.”

Since Shruti Haasan feels that Bollywood is an appropriate place for gaining exposure, she is searching for a good place to reside in Mumbai. She has already started delivering melodies for her dad Kamal Haasan's upcoming film 'Yaavarum Kelir' that is ready to take off by March.

Shruti Haasan has almost completed shooting for her Telugu film with Siddharth, which is slated to hit the screens in July 2010.