Dimpy Ganguly Attracted & Forced To Rahul?

As soon as Dimpy Ganguly became Mrs Rahul Mahajan, media and 'her old friends' eagerly digged into her shady pas, bringing out the ghost of her bikini-clad item number.

And now her co-contestant Nikunj Malik has come up with some more bizarre revelations about the poor babe.

Talking to a national daily Malik claims that Rahul was drunk for the most part of the show and Dimpy used her feminine charms to woo him.

“I would've appreciated if he'd chosen Harpreet, who is very well behaved as compared to Dimpy. Dimply is an antisocial element, who runs away from her house at every given opportunity, she ran away from the beauty contest. She gets drunk, sloshed and wasted, ” she claims.

Stating her dislike for the pair, Nikunj says, “I feel Dimpy is perfect for Rahul as both have similar habits and lifestyles, which is not very acceptable to me. Though Rahul was quite interested in me, which was quite evident, I realised he's not the kind of person I'd like to spend my life with.”

Ask her If that was the case why did she let Rahul touch her and she says, “In our society, hugging and pecking on the cheek is acceptable. I always maintained my dignity and made him stay within his limits. If you let him do that, he will do it.

And did Dimply 'let' him? “Obviously yes, in fact, she forced him. She attracted him and wanted him to do all that,” reveals Nikunj.