Kareena Kapoor Has Still Not Forgive To Shahid Kapoor

Plans for bringing Kareena and Shahid Kapoor together to promote their pending project Milenge Milenge have been called off. It has now been decided by producer Boney Kapoor that the pair will promote the film individually.

This, to avoid Kareena who's in a committed relationship, any embarrassment and awkwardness, although Shahid who had no objections to collaborating with Kareena on the promotion seems unaware of these developments.

When asked if he'd be willing to promote the film jointly with Kareena Shahid says enthusiastically, “Yes, I'll do everything I can to promote it. Of course I'll do everything in my power to see the film gets properly released. It's my film.”

Shahid says he has no problems whatsoever promoting the film with Kareena. However producer Boney Kapoor feels it's wiser and more discreet to let Shahid and Kareena do separate promotional work.

Says Boney, “We're getting Shahid and Kareena to do separate promotional activities. That way we give them space to be comfortable with the situation and also we get twice the amount of publicity for Milenge Milenge that we would if the pair promoted the film jointly”

Shahid has not only decided to go all-out for Milenge Milenge he has also been taking interest in the release date to ensure that it releases at a time when it is likey to get the best audience.

He recently had a meeting with producer Boney Kapoor and they mutually agreed to postpone the release from April to later during the year.

Says Shahid, “We met and took a joint decision. Boneyji was co-operative. Otherwise I'd have had three releases—Milenge Milenge, Paathshala and Badmaash Company—in one month.”

Boney says he's getting Milenge Milenge ready for release in the last week of June or the first week of July. “Milenge Milenge would be Shahid's last release until his father's film Mausam.Kareena and he look gorgeous together.”

In fact Shahid is enormously enthusiastic about Milene Milenge. Last week he met the film's director Satish Kaushik on the steps of the highrise apartment building that they share.

Says Satish emotionally, “Though we live in the same building Shahid and I never meet! I know him from the time he was a child. On Saturday night we bumped into each other in our highrise compound after a party.

We spoke for nearly an hour about Milenge Milenge. Shahid told me the project is very dear to him and that he would go all out to promote the film however my producer Boney Kapoor and I wanted. Sahid is at our disposal.He asked me when are we shooting the music video.”