Pooja Bedi Is Head Over Heels In love With Her New BoyFriend

There is a mystery man in Pooja Bedi's life. She wants to keep her relationship a secret and doesn't want to leak out anything except for the fact that his name starts from 'A'. She reveals that she met him at a social gathering about a month ago and they get along like a house on fire.

He spends time with her kids, showers her with roses, makes it a point to fly to whichever part of India she's in and takes her to romantic dates. Pooja now feels for him in the same way that he feels for her.

She admits that he once sent a massive creation that was made with a 1000 roses and that he sends her a rose everyday. She feels overwhelmed by romance for the first time in her life and states that even her friends are unaware of his identity and she only refers to him as 1000 roses.

Although Pooja seems head-over-heels in love with her man, she would like to give it some time. She feels she needs to think before taking a step as she has children and it could affect them. She feels that she needs at least 6 months before commitment and hopes she can make him happy.