Raja Chaudhary & Shraddha Sharma Used Emotional Atyachar For Publicty

The publicity hungry Shradha Sharma found a novel way to dump her boyfriend of one year Raja Chaudhary, when she figured out that he was no good to her as a boyfriend and also for her career. She went to UTV Bindass and got them to do a sting operation on poor Raja in their Reality Show Emotional Aatyachaar.

Come on, what do you expect an intoxicated Raja Chaudhary to do when a good-looking, hot girl throws herself at him? He is obviously going to get up, close and personal and try to paw her.

And now Shradha Sharma is hogging the lime light, giving interviews to every journalist who cares to listen to her about how she trusted Raja Chaudhary and how she was looking forward to getting engaged to him.

The truth is the entire drama is nothing but a publicity stunt and both Raja and Shradha may be ”good friends” after a few months of feigned separation. A source tells us that the sting operation was a planned strategy by Raja and Shradha to boost her flagging career.

Apparently, Raja is so besotted by Shradha that he agreed to do her bidding and become the scapegoat to ensure that she got her nine minutes of fame.

Sources close to Shradha and Raja Chaudhary say the couple was never happy with each other. Both were into the so-called relationship for the heck of it and because it suited their social needs to be seen with someone glamourous.

During the first two months of their relationship, Shradha had confided to friends that Raja Chaudhary used to abuse and beat her. Yet she continued in the relationship knowing well Raja's background and past.

About a week after Raja Chaudhary had brutally beaten up Shradha Sharma who had to stay indoors for a week to hide her bruises, they went on record to a Mumbai tabloid saying that they were madly in love with each other. Publicity ke liye kuch bhi kareja Raja aur Shradha.