Ranjitha Offered A Seva Massage To Swami Nityananda! Wow

Tamil actress Ranjitha who was seen in a compromising position with Swami Nityananda has finally broken her silence in the press.

Talking about her relationship with controversial godman she says, " I am a devotee of Nityananda and used to offer my services like 'feeding' and 'massaging' to him."

Ranjitha also claims that she has known Nityananda for quite some time and is grateful to him for curing her wheezing trouble in just a day.

"The media has unnecessarily blown the issue out of proportion. I know swamiji for the past few years and my association with him is quite transparent, " she tells.

However, in the video, Ranjitha is shown not just feeding and massaging the swami, but also lying on top of him and indulging in a sexual foreplay.

The video is learnt to be secretly shot by Nityananda's onetime associate Lenin Karuppan, who has accused the swami of “misbehaving” with beautiful women and “forcing” them into performing sexual acts with him.