A Rare Side Of Kareena Kapoor's Life

There is a rare side to Kareena Kapoor that we seldom get to see. The actress who is known for her fat paychecks recently donated a cheque of Rs 3 Lakh to bring smiles to the residents of a remote village in Madhya Pradesh, who live in abject poverty.

Kareena was saddened to see the plight of the villagers, mostly weavers, when she visited it during the promotional campaign of her movie 3 Idiots.

In their true 'Atithi Devo Bhava' spirit, the villagers, though poor had shown tremendous hospitality by giving her an exquisite black sari with golden embroidery.

Bebo was also moved by the fact that the village had no electricity and the weavers worked at night in candle light. So she decided to make a donation of Rs 3 lakh to raise a solar energy plant and within two months the village will have electricity.

Confirming the news to a leading daily Kareena said, “I was a little shocked to see how these people work. At the end of the day it's our country and I learnt that there are about 100 villages in the country which have no electricity. I have handed over a cheque to the concerned authorities to build a solar energy plant.

"It's a nominal amount but it can bring smiles to many faces, which is why I wanted to do this. I am told that in about two months, the plant will be built and there will be electricity in Chanderi. I am also going to ask my friends in the film industry to come forward and make a difference,” she added.