Shahdukh Khan Said Atleast I Think Me and Aamir Khan Are Friends

While media might be painting them as bitter rivals, SRK feels that Aamir Khan is his friend.

Talking to a newspaper in an interview Shah Rukh said , “We're friends. At least, I'd like to think we are. We both have a sense of humour. At least, I do. I'd like to think all our exchanges are in good humour. Quite honestly, I've no desire to look at what he or anyone else is doing. I never look at my own box-office figures. Why would I look at others' collections?”

Just a few days back, the politically correct Aamir said that there was never any war of supremacy so there is no question of starting or stopping any debate.

Aamir's ‘3 Idiots' was a mega blockbuster, and at the same time Shah Rukh's ‘My Name Is Khan' too went on to become a hit worldwide. So, is he looking at a whole shelf of awards for MNIK next year?

“Why clear a shelf in my house? I'll buy a new house for the awards to come,” SRK retorted.