Sonu Sood Broke His Nose In The Fight With Dabbang Salman

Sonu Sood is proud of his long nose. But it's now fractured…and two times at that!

The incident happened when he was filming a climax fight scene for his film, Dabbang, with Salman Khan in Wai. While explaining the scene to Salman, a fight master jumped from a height and kicked him on the nose, leaving it bleeding. Sonu had to be rushed to a hospital immediately because of two fractures.

The actor was asked to return to Mumbai but he stood his ground and stayed right there. Within two days, he was back to the sets. Had he left, Salman and about 500 artists would be left with nothing to do on the set.

Sonu has to take painkillers regularly and move around with padding inside his nose. The pain doesn't seem to be bothering him much, but he's worried about the swelling on his nose showing. We don't think Sonu needs to worry about that, not when he lives in the age of Photoshop.