Sushmita Sen- again with her Ex-Boy friend

The former Miss Universe Sushmita Sen had shown a U turn in her Love Traffic this time. Sush this time had dumped Mudassar Aziz, who directed her in Dulha Mil Gaya, for her ex-flame Manav Menon. It has been reported that the couple has been seen together manier times in a past few days across the city. 

Manav, the ad film maker and Sush had broken up in 2007 because of 'incompatibility'. But this time they seems to be compatible. Sushmita Sen who is very much known for changing the taste and choice of men seems to be just more than friends again with this Guy.

Some close friends of Sush also revealed the fact that Sush approached to all of her ex-boyfriends including Vikram Bhatt, Randeep Hooda, Manav Menon, Sanjay Narang, and Mudassar Aziz. They also adds that She always wants them as their friends even after breaking up.

According to Sush, "I always try to remain friends. Sometimes I succeed. But I am very single. If I wasn't, you would not have to figure it out.”