What Set Apart Deepika Padukone From Kareena Kapoor?

The size zero trend, which was made popular by Kareena Kapoor's Tashan act, doesn't seem to be a favorite with Deepika and the gorgeous actress claims to be strictly against it.

At designer duo Shantanu-Nikhil's show at the Lakme Fashion Week on Sunday where Deepika was the showstopper, she expressed her dislike for the anorexic size zero figure.

The actress stated that the Indian body type is not meant for the size zero look and hence it doesn't suit it. She admitted that she was no size zero and she didn't believe in being one either.

According to her, it takes more than the body type to last in the film industry. She would rather concentrate on improving her performances onscreen than work for a size zero figure. Way to go girl! That should be a lesson for all young girls who think size zero is the 'in' thing!