The A Rapist Is Out To Get You Girls

Beware girls! A Rapist is out to get youAs evil a sin it is but somehow rape scenes have always aroused interests among viewers especially the couch potatoes.

Rape scenes are far and few on television but whenever there’s one, all eyes are hooked on to it. The actor who rapes is often subject to the anger and hatred of the viewers. In hindsight, such criticism is also a measure of how well the person has acted.

Ajay Rohilla, famous for outraging the modesty of Phoolan Devi in Bandit Queen, is fast gaining a reputation of a desperate man.

Rohilla returned to TV with Beyond Dreamz productions and Imagine TV’s Jamunia, where he is once again out to rape the protagonist. His earlier attempt proved futile but Gauri Shankar maharaj will soon return trying to complete the unfinished business.

What’s up Mr. Rohilla? Are you always on the look out for such roles?

(Laughs) “Not really. But I guess our producer Yash (Pantaik) must have seen my performance in Bandit Queen and that’s why he’s chosen me for it. I like doing negative roles.

Apparently, after seeing my attempt to rape scene, the producer’s wife was so pissed off me with me that she asked Yash as to why he had brought me to the edit room. It was little embarrassing but I take this an appreciation for my performance,” said Rohilla.

The actor is of the view that what he’s doing in reel life is a reflection of the times we live in. Rohilla sighs, “The saints and sages are considered holy in this country but what are the likes of Nityanand, Ichchadhari and other babas doing.

There’s a question mark over Bapu Asaram too. I’m not saying that my character is inspired by these men but the good and bad baba is a reality. I’m only portraying the negative side of a sage.”

Right said Rohilla! There’s a devil in all of us. It's just that the real wise men are those who have a control over their emotions.