Ayushmann Khurrana Got Frozen In Front Of Deepika Padukone

I just froze in front of Deepika: Ayushmann KhurranaVJ, actor Ayushmann Khurrana is living his dream literally. As a collegian, he played cricket at a competitive level and even tried his hands at Ranji Trophy but destiny had other things in store for him. He stepped foot into the glamour world but always carried cricket up his sleeves.

Life has been kind to Khurrana and while he couldn't play the game, the VJ gets to be a roving reporter at the Indian Premier League 3. Ayushmann has been traveling from venue to another, sweating it out in temperatures in excess of 40 Celsius. However, as he puts it, 'it's worth the effort.'

“For me it's been like a one hell of a ride getting close to the world's best cricketers. You're travelling overnight with no sleep only to land in another hot venue but there are no complaints. The atmosphere is such it makes you forget all ills, ” said Khurrana

For those who've watched Khurrana keenly, it's apparent that the VJ has been a bit of mixed bag on the cricket field. On occasions, he's been good while sometimes, Khurrana simply doesn't know what's coming out of his mouth.

A couple of days back, Khurrana seemed all lost while speaking to Bollywood diva Deepika Padukone and Siddharth Mallya.

“Honestly speaking, I'd like to forget about that Deepika interaction. God knows what happened to me then. Live interactions straight after the match are never easy. Though, we're connected through a mic, at times you really don't know what to ask.”

One has observed that Ayushmman tends to be comfortable with Harsha Bhogle. The Chandigarh lad doesn't hesitate in agreeing to it.

“Harsha is a gem of a person. He can sense that you're jittery and then he takes charge of the situation enabling you to soothe your nerves.

I'm so touched by his humility. He keeps encouraging me to take to the commentary box but somehow, I don't think I'm made for it. I'm happy being a roving reporter, ” Khurrana sighed.

One man who the roving reporter can't stop praising is Daredevils wicket-keeper and Vice-captain Dinesh Kaarthick.

He says, “He's perhaps, the only cricketer who gets very friendly with us. He's carries his diary and updates it daily.

I was really surprised when he showed me his diary. He's been writing it since 2006. Here, you'll find all his good and bad moments on and off the field. Dinesh is such a professional that he avoids distractions.

Yesterday, his team lost and while quite a few of his colleagues were there at the party, Dinesh chose to skip it as he was upset about Delhi's loss.”

Lageraho Ayushmann bhai! Unravel more secrets of our elusive cricketers.