Its in rumors that Our Babo doll Kareena Kapoor and Prince charming Saif Ali Khan had a patchy couple of weeks. This Hot and young sensuous couple of B town has been sighted alone and not together on promotional parties and even when out shopping. Sources also revealed that, “Kareena has had a lot of work on her shoulders and hasn’t the time to spend around family and Saif. She used to attend his sets all the time, but recently she hasn’t been seen”.

This week also Saif was spotted by himself on Chowpatty eating lots of Pani Puri’s, he has stated in the past that whenever he feels depressed he likes to go and eat lots of Pani Puri’s. Where as Kareena Kapoor was attending her promotional duties for her upcoming movie RA 1 starring alongside Shah Rukh Khan. In the past we seen Saif with her at all times. The both are yet to make any comments on whether this is true but signs are showing of the rough road in their relationship. Maybe the tattoo wasn’t such a great idea Saif?