Deepika Padukone Is Falling Into The Deep Muddy Hole?

Luckily Deepika Padukone escaped unharmed. But this has to be the riskiest stunt ever done by a female actor in Bollywood.

It’s not just Kareena Kapoor who is playing one of the boys in Gol Maal 3. Before Kareena even started shooting in Goa, Deepika Padukone was busy shooting some of the most daredevil stunts for Lafange Parindey where she gets into a full-on boys’ mould, riding bikes in leather jackets, jumping over walls and doing spins and somersaults.

In fact Deepika’s co-star Neil Nitin Mukesh is finding it hard to match up with Deepika’s enthusiasm level.

While she rushes into stunt sequences without a second thought Neil rushes forward to caution Deepika and the director Pradeep Sarkar against trying any of the he-man stunts.

Last week at Yashraj Studios things went a little too far. For a shot while striding across the road aggressively with Neil Deepika was supposed to fall into a deep wide muddy hole.

The protective friend and co-star that he is, Neil immediately cut down the daring stunt saying it’s too dangerous. A body-double was arranged to fall into the deep hole.

However Deepika insisted she do the stunt.

Says a source, “Deepika turned down the offer to let the double do the stunt. Everyone in the unit thought it was too dangerous.

Because her character had to walk straight into hole and vanish into the swirling muddy water.What’s more once in the hole she had to be fished out by divers.That’s how deep it was. She couldn’t come up and out of the hole on her own. It was much too deep.”

Deepika insisted she would do the stunt herself. She fell into the hole at the exact moment required, retending it was an accident, and went right to the bottom of it.

Her expertise as a swimmer helped her to hold her breath under water as divers rushed after her to get her.

When contacted Deepika confirms the incident, “Yes it did happen. Who told you about this? Yes I did jump into the hole to make it look like an accidental fall. That’s what was required to make the fall look convincing. I had to do whatever it took.”