Kareena Kapoor Playing Marilyn Monroe- A Hot Actress in Hollywood News

Kareena Kapoor is staring in the next film of Madhur Bhandarkar and is in news that this film would be about the life of a successful actress, Marilyn Monroe who is the Hollywood News of the past and whose career goes spiraling downwards later. Although this would not be the exact representation as most of the elements will be modified but a lot of it is inspired from the actress' life. This film was dreamt by Madhur long ago but according to him the things weren’t working out and now when they have, he is ready to start off with it.

He didn't want anything to go wrong with the film. Marilyn has had a controversial life but he didn't want it to come out looking wrong. However, Madhur seems confident that he won't go wrong now, thanks to all the research he's done on the actress. He read up as much as he could about her life and also watched a lot of documentaries based
on her and once he is much confident that he can explain and make it a film on it he has signed Kareena for this role. It has also been decided that the film will have five actors opposite Kareena.

As kareena is a hit and hot star of today in the Bolywood Madhur wanted to take her as the leading role in the film and according to him she is the best who suits for the role. Kareena has already done the challenging roles like in Chameli and other films and can do this role of Marilyn Monroe best. Her portrayal of a sex worker in Chameli (2004) proved to be the turning point in her career and garnered her the Film fare Special Performance Award. She later received two Critics Awards for Best Actress at the Film fare ceremony for her performances in the critically acclaimed Dev (2004) and Omkara (2006).