Lara Dutta Has No Choice Except Wearing Bikinies

 Lara Dutta believes in encashing the opportunities - Be it then not waiting for solo heroine role at one hand while on the other hand showcasing her beautiful figure in a bikini.

Lara Dutta speaks to Lipika Varma in an exclusive chat

Lara Dutta has come a long from Andaaz to Houseful. Lara had bagged the Best Filmfare Debut award for Andaaz and slowly she shifted to comedy films. Lara has also been in news for her name being linked to the cricketers as well as the men belonging to tinsel town.

However this time her PR made it a point that no one would be able to drill Lara into any personal queries. We were strictly instructed to stick to queries pertaining only to her latest release ‘Houseful’ being produced by Sajid Nadiadwala.

Her mind-blowing performance in ‘No Entry’ has enabled her to get more comedy films.

“Yes! I have got a huge fan following after the release of my film ‘No Entry’, it has been an all time entertainer film. I must confess that it is not easy to perform comedy roles.

One needs to be perfect on their timings while enacting comic sequences. Working with all good actors –Akshay Kumar, Salman Khan, Govinda and also Riteish Deshmukh, I have like reinvented my sense of humor.

Also working with Irfan Khan in ‘Billo Barber’ was more than a joy ride. I’m happy that Shahrukh Khan cast me for the villager kind of a look. I was indeed lucky to prove my versatility.

This proves that I can gel well in both the western as well as the ‘desi’ lass look. I am far from the fear of being type cast.”

Talking about optimism, Lara highlights her Guajarati character in the film ‘Houseful’, “I play the character of a Gujarati girl. I had to work hard to speak the Gujarati language. How I push onto to Akshay Kumar creating impressive sequences in the film will be worth a watch.”

Well! Being optimist on reel does Lara believe in optimism in real too?

“I am far from being an optimistic in real life. I have come up the hard way. I believe in the mantra work hard and sincerely to attain success. In real life one needs to know to handle situations. I am a keen observer but yet I do not believe that one can get things easily unless he or she puts in at least minimal efforts.”

Working with Deepika does Lara have any sense of insecurity?

“Why should I have any feelings of insecurity? I belong to the Universe Pageant hence I know how to carry myself as well as my work ahead in the proper direction. Also working with more than one heroine in the film happens purely because of the demand of the script.

I cannot be pound foolish and penny wise by awaiting single handed roles. Why should I burn my time sitting at home for want of single heroine kind of roles?

I better work for films which I am a part of at the moment. Most of the banners are well known. In the Hindi film industry very few scripts are written keeping women in mind. It is a man dominated arena after all.”

So will you not like to be a part of unknown, upcoming banners and new talents?

“Nothing of that sort even new comers are coming up with good scripts and are all set to make a difference with their talent.

‘Wake up Sid’ has been directed by a first timer talented youth. Being financial sound, if the new comers are able to carry forward their brilliant script, I see no reason not to participate in their films”

Hmmm… sounds very practical.

Will Lara not like to do some serious type of roles? Especially, will she like to perform roles that Meena Kumari and Madhubala did?

With a twinkle in her eyes she says, “Who will like to deprive themselves from performing characters that Meena Kumari and Madhubala did. But the dearth of good script is keeping me away from doing these roles.” She smiles and asserts.

Lara definitely has proven to look beautiful as days went by. What is her fitness and beauty mantra?

Well! When we are too young we burn our nights at both the ends of the candle lights. We do not bother about proper eating habits.

For me I believe in performing yoga. A combination of yoga and meditation brings peace, beauty and good health I suppose. I do not diet but follow proper eating habit.

Last, but not the least, why is Lara repeating a bikini scene in Houseful too? [We witnessed the sexy Lara in a bikini in Blue for the first time indeed]

This scene came all of a sudden we were not told anything about the scene. Nonetheless, the sequence was to be canned on the beach. So obviously I could not perform a beach scene being clothed tip to toe. Farah told us about the sequence at the beach itself so I was left with no choice. I had to wear a bikini!