Reena Kapoor's Husband Will Attend Her 6th Wedding

Reena Kapoor`s Husband attends her 6th WeddingReena Kapoor is getting married for the sixth time in Sahara One's Woh Rehne Wali Mehlon Ki, as we reported earlier.

One would think that even getting married on-screen would get boring the 6th time around, but apparently, the occasion was made special when Reena's husband, Karan, trooped in with few of his firangi friends to catch the action live.

The actress remained unavailable for comment as she's said to be on a trip to Jodhpur.

An actor requesting anonymity confirms the news, “Yes, Reena's husband did come along with few of his friends from abroad. He's a very nice man. He does keep coming to our sets.

Reena is getting married for the sixth time, so I guess it's nothing new for him. This is the first time that he's brought few of his friends, though. Perhaps, they wanted to see the shoot, or maybe they were interested in the rites and rituals that take place during an Indian Wedding Ceremony, and what better to showcase our traditions than a TV Soap, right?”

Meanwhile, it wasn't an easy day for the actors. First, the shoot was delayed by three hours after Suhasini Mulay's car was towed away by the traffic police while she was on a coffee break enroute to the shoot.

A subsequent power failure only added to their misery as the shoot was further delayed by four hours. And then, just when the director was about to call "Action" for the first shot, Karan arrived with his friends.

Well, Mr. Kapoor and his coterie arrived at the right time as they were saved from the early morning blues.