Sania Mirza Knows The Truth Of Shoaib Malik's Marriage?

The controversy regarding Sania mirza and Shoaib Malik's wedding is just refusing to die dwon. Talking to a leading daily Farisa Siddiqui, mother of Ayesha Siddiqui said, “Shoaib married and abandoned our daughter and did not even give a divorce. We had threatened to sue them, and now they are turning around and daring us? What wrong have we done to get caught up in a controversy? We only asked for justice."

But Farisa says that although they know Sania’s family well, they won’t try to stop the marriage.

"If they are getting married now, it’s their matter and I don’t want to say anything. I’m just worried for my daughter," she added.

In the meanwhile, Sania Mirza backed Shoaib Malik on the matter, saying that she and her family have known the truth all along.

"Me and my family know what the truth is, we've known it all along and we have confidence in god's justice," Sania said.

Getting ready for the "biggest day" of her life, Sania said she never thought she would have to deal with so many things apart from the regular pre-wedding jitters.

"Too much going on, never in my life thought that I'd had to worry about anything of this sort, rather than my mehendi!" she said.

"Leaves me with no choice but to laugh. I am pretty sure these are not the pre-wedding jitters or butterflies in the stomach my married cousins were talking about!" she quipped.

Meanwhile, Shoaib's family has got in touch with Delhi-based criminal lawyer Ramesh Gupta, who has been representing them in the battle with the Siddiquis for the past two years.