Talat Aziz Will Be Singing At Sania Mirza-Shoaib Malik's Sangeet

Amid all the controversies surrounding the Sania Shoaib story, preparations for their marriage continues nevertheless. And the news is that Sania's uncle Talat Aziz is all set to perform at the couple's sangeet after Sania personally requested him the favour.

Though the unpleasant circumstances amidst which the marriage is taking place, has to some extent affected the planning of the ceremony and Aziz has not yet decided exactly what he would be singing, it will definitely be something special.

“At the moment everything is unsure, the date, the venue, nothing has been decided. I was supposed to leave for Hyderabad tomorrow but have cancelled my ticket. Once I know exactly what the dates are I will rebook”.

When asked about his first reaction when he heard about Sania and Shoaib's wedding he replies, “I didn't know Sania was in love with Shoaib till I got a mail from Imran mentioning about the wedding. I don't know Shoaib personally, but am happy that Sania was getting married, especially after a broken engagement.”

Though he refuses to comment on the controversy around the marriage, he is definitely worried for his niece. He is however sure she will cope with the situation gracefully since he knows that Sania is a strong girl. He was also proud of the way Sania stood by Shoaib through the entire hassle.

Though the venue is not yet decided, it will surely be a secure place keeping in mind all the media attention surrounding the marriage. Members from Shoaib's family including his mother Sultana Farooq, sisters Shazia Imran and Sadaf Malik, brother Adeel Malik along with his nephew and niece arrived in the city last night.