Why Nana Patekar Become Angry

Nana Patekar Ko Gussa Kyon Aata Hai...And Nana Patekar has done it again. On Sunday, he was supposed to be interviewed by some journalists. Though he is an unpredictable person, no one expected him to put a stop to all activities of the day.

The journalists came on time on the respective day in order to interview him for Raajneeti. Nana came there on time, but first went into one room with the director Prakash Jha, who was probably informing him about the interview.

Nana then came out five minutes later and Jha went into another room to look after some editing work. The actor greeted the journalists very warmly and then walked straight out of the office. When Jha came back, he was shocked to find Nana, who was supposed to be interviewed, missing. He was left red-faced and couldn't explain why he had left to the journalists.

Jha is clueless as to why Nana left and thinks it may be because he was annoyed with something or because he had a prior commitment. He is yet to speak to him. Meanwhile, Ajay Devgn who happened to be around spoke to the journalists and saved the day.