Erratic Affairs Left Katrina Kaif Lonely & Depressed

The gorgeous Katrina Kaif is one the most sought-after lady in tinseltown. The diva has topped several polls as the most popular celeb, most looked up celeb, sexiest actress dtc. But despite the adulation, Katrina feels quite lonely.

The actress recently spoke out on how lonely she feels living alone in the city. She has a big family of almost six siblings. But most of them are at their family home in London.

Her mother Suzanne Turquotte is committed to a charity cause and will not leave Madurai in Tamil Nadu to come and live with her in Mumbai. Her younger sister, Isabelle, is in New York studying acting.

Katrina's now on-now off relationship with Salman Khan is more taxing rather than soothing. Her hectic and erratic shooting schedules are also very demanding. All this has taken a toll on Katz.

A source told us that the lady has also lost weight as she has not being eating properly. She recently had a health scare when she was taken ill.

So grim was the situation that she had to be hospitalized and operated upon! Clearly she has not been looking after herself.

Reportedly, her Rajneeti director, Prakash Jha, noticed her looking pale and listless and directly asked her why she was so careless about her health! She definitely needs to perk up as this is Bollywood! And here its all about survival of the fittest!