Hrithik Roshan Is Very Special To Barbara Mori?

Hrithik is very special to me: Barbara Mori Barbara Mori is coming back to Mumbai for another film after Kites.

Guarded but ever-effevescent she says, “I’ve another film in India to be shot in January I think. I can’t talk about it right now. I will when all the details are worked out. I can’t tell you the details. But it’s a big film. I’d love to do many films in India.”

Barbara’s English in her words, “is not the best, but not so bad either.”

Barbara loves Mumbai. “Not just Mumbai, I love all the Indian people. They’re so lovely so warm. They make me feel so much at home. In Bollywood Sussanne wanted me to meet every friend of hers. So she took me a lot of places.

We went partying all night at Shah Rukh Khan’s home. I met many actors and actresses but I can’t remember their names. They are all so warm.”

She wants to visit more of India. “I want to visit Delhi and the Taj Mahal. I haven’t had time to do so. So far I’ve been to India only for work. Now I need to come back for a vacation. Then I’ll visit all the places I want to.”

She finds Mexican and Indian culture very similar yet different. “My brother has been living in India for the last 1 ½ years. He’s a singer and he has put together an album in Mumbai. Me? I sing too. But not professionally.”

About Kites she says, “I’m not nervous I am not scared. I’m just excited. Kites is my first film for this part of the world. I had never watched Bollywood films before Kites. But after I realized I’d be part of Kites I enjoyed some. I really loved Hrithik’s film Lakshya”.

She brightens up at the mention of Hrithik. “I feel there’s a very special chemistry with him. I’ve done a lot of movies with many other actors. But nothing like Hrithik.

Maybe because Kites is such a special love story about two very special people who can’t speak the same language.” Barbara has just returned from the Maldives after a photo-shoot with Hrithik.

“I love the place. In fact we shot a sequence of Kites in the Maldives. But no, contrary to what people believe I don’t enjoy being in the water.”

She enjoys acting the most. “I’ve a production company in Mexico. I’ve just produced a film starring me.I’m now putting up a restaurant in Mexico.”

She plans to do a film with Hrithik in Mexico. “Oh yes! I’d love to have him in Mexico for a film produced by me. He’s a great actor and beautiful humanbeing and one good friend.”

As for the rumours about their link-up Barbara is not bothered. “Oh the media in Mexico is as active. Every time I do a movie they link me with my co-star. So I’m used to it…Kites is such an honest love story every one who watches it would watch to fall in love. That’s the best feeling in the world.”