Pooja Bedi Have Found Her New Lover Again?

Naughty at 40: Mr. Thousand Roses is her new lover
It looks like Pooja Bedi has found love again. The new man in her life is Dwiti Vikramaditya who is from Bhubaneshwar, Orissa, and is associated with the United Nations Development Programme. Though he is simply known as Aditya, Bindaas Bedi refers to him as Mr Thousand Roses -- as he keeps sending her red roses.

On May 11, Pooja celebrated her 40th birthday with Aditya in Goa. Accompanying her were her kids Aalia and Omar as well as her dad Kabir Bedi and his girlfriend Parveen Dusanj. Some of Pooja's close friends like Ana Singh, Karan Grover, Karan Oberoi, Raageshwari, Sveta Keswani with hubby Alexx O'Neil were also present.

Playing safe
The normally forthright Pooja is, however, tightlipped about her man. "He comes from a different environment. I don't want people in his line of work to look upon him differently. He has ushered in a lot of sunshine in my life. I admire the kind of work that he is doing for the neglected sections of society." About her birthday she says.

"We had a laughter filled day from the Hawaii-themed morning to wearing 'Pooja Twenty-Twenty' T-shirts which Sveta had designed. At least 20-20 sounds better than saying 40, besides the huge cake!"

Pooja has known Aditya for the last few months and he visits Mumbai often. He is also associated with the Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences in Bhubaneshwar that works for the development of the deprived folk like scheduled tribes.

Courtesy: Mid-Day.com