The Real Reason Behind Shahrukh & Farah Khan's Split

Revealed: The reason behind SRK-Farah Khan splitThe belief that nothing remains permanent in Bollywood has just proved to be right. One of the thickest bonds in Bollywood with films like 'Main Hoo Na' and 'Om Shanti Om' being SRK and Farah Khan has recently gone bitter. But what is the reason behind this infamous Khan split?

We found the reason behind the split of this extraordinary duo.

As already known that Farah was keen on casting Shahrukh in 'Tees Maar Khan' but because Shahrukh could not find time and Farah could not afford waiting forever finally decided to cast Akshay in the film. It seems this did not go down too well with SRK and Farah had to bear the repercussions.

Farah went to SRK to make him aware of her interest in remaking the old blockbuster 'Satte Pe Satta' which failed to interest SRK.

After hearing Farah for a while, SRK finally said a firm 'no' to and showcased his disinterest in the film. Farah had already approached Raj Sippy's son Mintoo to buy the copyrights of the film and he willingly accepted the proposal.

Shahrukh reasoned saying that he did not want to do a remake of Mr. Bachchan's films to which Farah retaliated saying that he had done the remake of 'Don'. Shahrukh did not really like this reaction and the conversation ended calmly with Farah leaving his company.

He has also refused to do Shirish Kunder's film and showed disinterest in 'The Zoya Factor' based on a novel by Anuj Chauhan which Shirish was suppose to direct for his production house. This news will definitely be disappointing for the audiences who loved watching the dynamic duo together!