Hot celebrities of Bollywood look younger by effective anti-aging process

Every man and woman today on this earth wants to look younger and beautiful and do all the possible things to make them beautiful and young for long time. Most of the celebrities from bollywood who got older by time use various anti-aging processes to look younger and beautiful for long time.
They include rich antioxidants fruits and vegetables like the dark colored fruits and berries which are recommended for the effective anti-aging. Eating fresh, wild caught sea food as well as vegetables also helps in reducing the wrinkles, keeping the skin look younger for long time.
Glutathione is the vital feature found in all human cells and is an Ultimate Natural Anti-Aging Anti-Oxidant and helps naturally in anti-aging process.

Celebrities and hot stars of Bollywood prefer to include carrots, tomatoes, cabbage, water melon, cucumber, and other vegetables that are rich in antioxidants and help them in keeping their skin younger and sexy for long time.