Ajay Devgan Cancled US Holidays With Daughter Nysa

Actor canceles holiday with daughter Nysa U.S. because of movies waiting to sprout Devgn Ajay, who had to leave the U.S. tour's daughter Nysa last week, had to cancel plans at the last minute. Ajay said a source close to Ajay Nysa was promised for his birthday, taking a break of ten days to visit Disneyland in the United States during the summer holidays. In general, Ajay, Kajol and Nysa to go off the break, but now expects Kajol, would have been impossible for her to travel. "The source said that Ajay was shooting continuously throughout the year and had a break for a long time." They leave the first week of July.

There were a few scattered scenes Ajay went to his end of the next release of Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai. "The scenes were crucial to the movie and can not wait for Ajay to return to the United States, the source said. He had to turn the title song for Golmaal three calls for his dates." There was no way that Ajay could postpone the shoot because it's an important song. They could not even go shoot was over, as Ajay begins filming Madhur Bhandarkar Dil Toh You Ji Bachcha Nysa school and reopen soon. Ajay must now wait a couple of months before it can break, "said the source. Courtesy: Mid-Day.com