Ali Zafar Will Not Live In Mumbai?

Tere Bin Laden beginner can sing, dance and laugh. PS: It's hot, got married and not leaving the Bombay Dubai Ali Zafar has made a pop album, and today made his debut in the city of B Shetty Pooja Deora Tere Bin Laden. He managed to impress most people have seen the film. Karan Johar has gone on around him, as it seemed. Not surprisingly, Ali has been inundated with offers.

Although this is his big screen debut, Ali (31) already in theater and film. He explained: "I had an inclination to act over a long period. My music videos have always had a bit of history as a mini movie. When Tere Bin Laden came to me, I was very excited about it." Judging for his good looks, from one in a romantic comedy would have been more appropriate, but said he did not follow the route made its tests. "Waited for something really different than expected and this film came at the right time. Anyone who saw it loved it and that's encouraging. Ali lives in Lahore, has a second home in Dubai, and has no plans to move to Bombay to pursue their career. "Actors are like bums, so I'll travel wherever the job takes me. It is not expected soon now Mumbai.

KJo has all the glory. "I met my producer Pooja (Shetty) and was dismayed in his perspective and deep knowledge of cinema. He seemed nice to know that you enjoyed the movie." Among the players of B-town, is a big fan of the trio Ali Khan - Aamir, Shahrukh and Salman. "All three are brilliant." Women's brigade of women is Katrina, Kareena and Priyanka. He loves to recruit them on the screen but the screen is married long time love Ayesha Fazli, just over a year. Ali is a Sufi album Jhoom come. "Once again, I did some of the live shows on YouTube, they do really well. At the moment, although I'm only concentrating on the movie, what music has taken a back seat," he says. Courtesy: