Amisha Patel Got Dirty Fever?

Ameesha Patel, who has just recovered from dengue, Mumbaikars is angry that allows diseases to be able Ameesha Patel is in recovery from dengue game. Actor has been dependent for more than two weeks after annoying the temperature had been diagnosed with dengue fever. This disease is caused by mosquito bites and is a common during the monsoon. Meetings, Mumbaikars will have people in mind and free the city of filth and stagnant water - a breeding ground for mosquitoes. "I never felt so terrible. You can not do anything, but is confined to bed," moans actress. It 'started with a fever in association with severe headache and nausea. "Once my condition does not improve, I had a blood test did. Initially, I thought it would be malaria, but the Doc Said to me later was a dengue! My white cells in the atomic level was alarmingly low .

As a result, had to do blood tests every day. "And every time I felt like celebrating rose champagne popping. Jokes, but I could not even eat anything! Nor could I read or watch television. Just endless days of popping pills." Ameesha adds: "It 's been a horrible experience and I do not want anyone to have it."

As dengue continues to spread in Mumbai, she wants Mumbaikars would keep the city clean. "It's so sad that we still face a threat against mosquitoes. Mumbaikars have no civic sense. When I see someone littering, I make a noise about it and tell them to stop . If everyone is committed to not throw garbage around, it will make a big difference. "actress also wants the authorities to treat waste water and clear pools of stagnant water as quickly as possible. "This leads to a threat against mosquitoes in the city causing diseases. If we all pitch, our city will be better. Ask me, I suffered because of it. Who knows best? Let's all a concerted effort for keeping our city clean. "Courtesy: