Bappi Lahiri Didn't Said No To Amitabh Cause Of His Weight

The composer of the singer will not participate in reality TV. Here's why ... Bappi Lahiri is on the list of all the people they want to see on the reality show Bigg Boss. The composer of Roly-Poly was offered the show twice, but he refused on both occasions. One reason to say "no" is its perimeter. We learn that the Bappida need help getting dressed in the morning, and other normal activities that most people manage to do. The singer has a 24x7 boy home to help. And since he can not take a portion of the show, it will never be seen on this subject.

Bigg Boss in the house, each prisoner has to do its work and is useless Bappi himself, so he does not want to be on the show. The producers of reality shows are eager to have Bappa on board, as it would be very entertaining with their jewelry, extravagant costumes and "Hindi Bengali. Lahiri, who is away in Dubai for a show, he said," do not program has nothing to see with my weight. I lost so much weight today. I'm not like the stars who need their children to put their shoes and tie their shoelaces! Yo I can wear. "Father," and adds: "I do my son who is with me all the time but is more of an assistant / helper. So I'm very attached to my family and can not stay without them.

I also took my son Santosh, Guy makeup, dress man, my bodyguard and manager. I need around me all the time, because if I go work on the main hoon usske ghuss ice and this prevents me from distraction! "He continues:" I'm king of my house! My boyfriend makes me drink water. I can not make a cup of tea, let alone cook, why should I go to BB to make food for myself and others? "However, he claims to have been invited to attend the exhibition.

"I was invited to be part of the first two seasons of Bigg Boss, but I could not go because I have no dates. I have my shots, two films awaiting release, shows and live recordings. I can not drop everything and t be locked in the house. Now my show in Dubai, I'll fly to Los Angeles for the release of my album on Michael Jackson - a tribute to MJ Not known say goodbye. My life is very busy and it is impossible for me to assign dates of three months of BB. "Courtesy: