Bipasha Basu Said Kashmiries Wants Freedom From India & Pakistan

Two years after making, Bipasha Basu is Lamhaa has finally announced today. Although the narrative as a thriller at the center of it, the movie makes a thematic basis. Since Kurbaan, which was released last year, was also a film based on the question (even if the treatment of stress), and still does not work at the box office is concerned about the fate of Bipasha Lamhaa? 'Well, honestly, I do not know much about these things. How can one predict? The public is very moody and sometimes They also leave the film well. The film business is so unpredictable and no one knows how the product has reached the public. Certainly, I would, however, that people consider Lamhaa. There could be more current movies like this, "says Bipasha, who had disclosed her name to the mainstream (if forgotten Pankh Spooky), almost nine months, all better.

"Lamhaa is important because it speaks of the country in which we live and the situation has prevailed in this, 'said Bipasha." Today we are talking about Kashmir, but the reality is that this could happen in any condition of our country. Constantly hear about how Kashmir is a peaceful place and as there are people who want freedom from India or Pakistan. But then we only break of the second, are these conflicting emotions and move forward. It's not fair, why should not we be in good condition and stall there. "With a clear thematic clarity from a man for wheat, Rahul Dholakia (director), Bipasha came to realize the average situation of Kashmir, its own small way.

Indeed, nature has played on his lips as a statement, "Yeh mein hamein Virasat Degussa Hai military cover" that encapsulates the essence, the essence of the film in a big way. "Absolutely," Bipasha said the same thing "This dialogue really makes an impact. You can, I can talk, but realize the truth behind it only after talking to Kashmir. It's a different situation when you see their fate. "On a farewell note, she makes a call to the youth of India." I just hope that youth Lamhaa watches and other than sparkling output movie almost every week, "she said," You have to adapt to all kinds of movies. With the type of infrastructure, commitment and belief that it has devoted to the manufacture of Lamhaa Should we encourage the efforts more than ever. "