Jahan Bloch Will Only Wear Bikini To Become A Bond Babe

I`ll only wear a bikini to become a Bond babe: Jahan BlochThough her debut film as the heroine Krantiveer - The Revolution has bombed at the box office, Jahan Bloch, daughter of filmmaker Mehul Kumar tells Jyothi Venkatesh that she is happy that her performance has been appreciated in the film.

When I met her for this interview, Jahan insisted at the outset that filmy linage was not the reason why she got to play the character of Roshni Pratap, Nana Patekar and Dimple Kapadia’s daughter in Krantiveer- the Revolution, the sequel to very successful film Krantiveer.

“I have worked as a child artiste in many films like Mrityudaata, Kohraam and Aasoon Bane Angaarey and have been a regular on my father’s sets to learn more about film making and am well familiar with the other aspects like script-writing and editing. I have even played the rookie on the sets and many times managed the coordination etc”.

Jahan played the role of Roshni, a TV journalist in the film. “I saw Krantiveer many times to get into the skin of my character in the film.

I practiced reciting the fiery dialogues of Nana Patekar and if the shooting was on the next day, I made it a point to observe the tone as well as the way in which he mouthed the dialogues by playing the DVD of Krantiveer in my room at the previous night.

After all I was playing the daughter of Nana Patekar and Dimple Kapadia in the film and never wanted to cut a sorry figure in the set. In the film, I am shown to have inherited the passion for journalism from my mother and the nature of my father Nana since I was shown as a blunt as well as short tempered girl who does not think twice”.

Jahan admits that it helped her act with effortless ease since in real life too she happens to be short tempered. “Though I am quite sarcastic sometimes in real life, I am not tough to deal with, in spite of my short temper”, Jahan adds.

Jahan continues, “I had always wanted my father to direct me as an actress. On the sets my father was a thorough professional and very focused. My brother Zoheb Bloch assisted my father in Krantiveer-The Revolution. My eldest sister Shamim Khan, who was personal costume designer to Karisma Kapoor and Urmila Matondkar earlier, had also designed the costumes for Krantiveer and Tiranga”.

Jahan adds that Mehul Kumar is strict when he is supposed to be strict as a father but otherwise is very chilled out and friendly.

“It is not at all a disadvantage that I have a father who is a wonderful director, because he has directed wonderful actors in the past like Amitabh Bachchan, Nana Patekar, Madhuri Dixit, Raaj Kumar. It was indeed a blessing to work with him in the sequel of a blockbuster like Krantiveer.

Though it is a fact that with such a big director right at home, I did not need to make my debut with an outsider director, I was in the film only after my father auditioned me for the part.”

Jahan says that her biggest plus point as an actress is that she does not like retakes at all. “My biggest minus point is that I am short.

However, I console myself by telling myself that good actresses like Rani Mukerjee, Jaya Bachchan etc are also short but have achieved a lot as actresses. It is only now that the trend of models taking up acting has started in a big way and hence most of the actresses are tall.”

Jahan is excited that though Krantiveer - The Revolution did not click at the box office, her performance has not gone unnoticed. “I have been signed for my father’s next film, which is about six youngsters. The script is getting readied.

I want to do good roles and do not have any hang up about doing only the role of the heroine. If it is a nice character, I am game to do a role which will require me to appear in only one single scene, because I am confident that I can leave an impact with my presence in that scene.”

Jahan continues, “What I mean to say is that I should be able to feel happy with my performance rather than just stand in the sidelines as a glamorous heroine.

The tragedy is that right now, in Hindi Cinema only glamour is needed and not talent. If I am offered a Bond movie, I may think of appearing in a bikini. Otherwise I am not interested in flaunting my assets in front of the camera.”

Jahan admits that she has not learnt acting from any acting school. “I do not think that acting is something which can be taught. I do not know how these schools teach acting, because everyone acts in day to day life.

Only some set out to do that in front of the camera. The reason I am crazy about acting is that when you act, it never gets monotonous because you live many lives in one life as an actress.”

Jahan confesses that she makes it a point to go to the gym every day. “I was very overweight. I lost 30 kgs through hard work and also by killing my craving to indulge in sweets, to get into the skin of my character in Krantiveer - The Revolution.”

When I asked Jahan why did not she steal the limelight when Krantiveer - The Revolution was being made, she shot back honestly.

“I feel that too much of publicity is equally bad. I just cannot cook up stories just to remain in the limelight. In any case, when I see all around relationships crumbling like anything, I am quite happy that I am single and not involved with any person now. I do not feel that there is any Mr Right or for that matter Miss Right in this world.”

Jahan is quite religious. “I have a lot of time in the world to do my namaaz five times a day. It calms me down and is also a way of exercise.

I remember during the song picturisation of khuda mere khuda in Pataya, Sanmeer Aftab and I had to stand on a small one foot by one foot stone structure in the sea.

However, nobody in the unit realized that with high tide water lashing over the stones, I and Samir were happily giving the romantic shot standing over those small squares of stone in the middle of deep sea. Suddenly we realized that water level was rising and within minutes it was over the stones.

In no time the water level increased so much that the entire area was submerged. We two along with the cameraman Fuwad Khan got stuck in the water. Other crew members had to rescue us by rope. While waiting to be rescued all three of us were singing khuda mere khuda.”