Minissha Lamba Caught With Her New Boyfriend

Minissha Lamba caught with a new boy!The actress was spotted with a naya guy

Has Minissha Lamba finally snagged a boy? The actress was recently spotted outside the venue for Ekta Kapoor's party on Wednesday night with a handsome young bloke.

Her smiling face did all the talking for the petite actress.

"The two were quite close. The actress kept leaning into him and as the photogs clicked away, became conscious of the attention she was drawing to herself, even as the guy held her close. She eventually tried to shield her face from the glare of the flashbulbs", reveals an onlooker.

When asked about the guy in the pictures, Lamba says, "He's a very good friend who was already at Ekta's party and came down to escort me inside. I am single and am not dating anyone."