Movie Review Of "Tere Bin Laden"

Starring: Ali Zafar, Pradhuman Singh, Sugandha Garg and Piyush Mishra, Director: Abhishek Sharma, Rating: ***1/2. Here are some movies that are winners, from the time of their first promo is released and Tere Bin Laden is a movie! For many months while returning from this adventure promo Abhishek Sharma hilarious first film came immense curiosity value for the film despite the fact that the film does not present a major denomination. The film lives happily with the promise and entertaining, it is a winner in all its departments. The film tells how a tongue-in-cheek, a Pakistani journalist trying to migrate toward the United States and the chaos it all leads.

Hassan Ali (Ali Zafar) is a new and ambitious young journalist of Pakistan Ali (Ali Zafar) is extremely desperate to emigrate to the United States in search of American dream. His repeated attempts to immigrate are sacrificed as the visa is still rejected. But when things could not be worse, falls into Noora (Pradhuman Singh), which is regarded as Osama bin filling. Ali then devises a system to produce a fake video of Osama and sell into new channels drilled a ball! Unfortunately this leads to serious consequences, including the White House also invests and distributes a secret agent too much in the way of Ali.

Abhishek Sharma First timer command full sample as both screenwriter and director. Keep the running time of only about 100 minutes, which ensures maximum time laughing. His hobbies Pakistan deserves our congratulations. The script is the hero of Tere Bin Laden does not lose time to go into unnecessary deviations.

Pakistani singer Ali Zafar has been perfectly cast and comedy shows remarkable talent. Pradhuman Singh is funny to see. A great discovery. Sugandha Garg last Jaane Na Jaane It is another talent you see. Rahul Singh Piyush Mishra and are fun too. John Barry as an American is good. The music is fun and Jaideep Sahni Da patha ullu also written more notes. Tere Bin Laden shows when you have strong content that you do not need big stars. Shows a definite if you want to laugh your guts!