Movie Review Of "Lamhaa"

Starring Sanjay Dutt, Bipasha Basu, Kunal Kapoor, Anupam Kher, Written & Directed by Rahul Dholakia. Rating: *** ½. Everyone says someone important in this document Fire of our time, made politics in the Kashmir valley. A mid policy omnipresent, thank the Lord for a creative voice that allows to study the combustion of the valley of compassion without passion. Lamhaa was one of these docu-dramas that could easily have rolled over the territory of over-information and regulatory policy. And boy, have not we seen this happen in the political life of the blockbuster movies in recent times? 'Rahul Dholakia has previously made Parzania sweet convincing the Gujarat riots, it loses its balance, even if the crisis sitiuations art history described by the attention cleverly written plot. Moderation and honesty go together in Kashmir Dholakia, We would like to believe that Kashmir is the real, pure, unamplified, intense and totally devoid of artifice.

The camera moves constantly through the dangerous and busy road bylanes tense Kashmir, where anything can happen. Filmmaker James Fowlds seems to know the Valley of the damned with the scruples of a transparent inside information that may be outside the explosive excitement of a piece of land that has quickly slipped into the stratosphere of anarchy and chaos. The script does not have high-octane space or time for tears of the innocent and the dead. Miraculously freed Lamhaa shots clear of sentimentality with openness and trust in a world where politics has become increasingly difficult for the layman to understand. Dholakia narrative moves through a maze of pain and violence without trying to take a common sense of them.

Narrative is not moral, the escalation of violence in the valley. Similarly, Dholakia too 'cinematic' in its approach to complex subject. Most of the time gives the characters have. Valley of the latent discontent comes alive in front of us a cruel policy, but toned and vicious drama. The narrative moves quickly and smoothly through the lives of the characters'. It is not always easy to tell who is right, probably because the lines are not only a moral vision of the valley, which is almost disappeared.Jannat uncertainty. Lamhaa and hears no tears for people who are so separated from the stream of Indian life, a wonderful children is wrong to speak openly and India in a different country.

Dialogues (Ashwath Bhatt) does not help, not politicians, and certainly not in the other power brokers in the films of words have become a lucrative business partnership Kashmir. At the lowest level is chaos and misunderstandings Lamhaa thoughtprovoking mirror on a piece of land that was once a paradise. At the highest level, is a document that the drama line that does not mince words or try to act cute one persistent crisis. The height is adjustable, even when the circumstances of the plot are completely out of control. As Sanjay Dutt walks through the valley of the progress we have leonina volatility for some time, as to imply Dholakia is a larger than life super-hero as the policy engine. But when Dutt melts into the fabric of a life lived wild on the board by people who have nothing to lose, nothing more.

The film is peppered with memorable appearances. Between social actors Shernaz Patel as a woman searching for her husband of 18 years leaves a lasting impact. Among the main cast as a consciousness Kunal Kapoor is a young political activist determined to bring peace in the valley and Anupam Kher as a treacherous political leader to come to death right now. But the real revelation is Bipasha Basu. In a powerful role that Shabana Azmi would have certainly played twenty years ago, Bipasha was immersed in his character which gives it a dramatic resonance in the role without resorting to cliches.

The scene where she gets torn activists are equally traumatic to see how it must have been for Bipasha to shoot. Lamhaa are not an easy film to watch. He will suffer no end decisively. It takes into account all the politics of Kashmir without fairing cons drama.This rarely excessive political theater in which each piece of the puzzle of politics and terrorism put on screen with sensitivity and precision to reject melodramatic excesses. A word of praise for the songs Mithoon. The lush lyrical melodies into a deafening explosions of bombs and cannons roar to remind us that when the best poets of Kashmir wrote poems about the beauty of the valley. Lamhaa beauty lies in its gaze on the beauty that can still see the shimmering waters of Dal Lake in a quiet and peaceful day.