Shahrukh Khan's Son Aryan Is Bright Good Looking Boy

Button hours after Spain won the World Cup Anil Kapoor was tired yet euphoric Johannesburg.He had seen what he has called the greatest show on earth and met the man who made it possible. Being a brand ambassador to South Africa had Anil forefront of the game. And he is very impressed. "You must understand the World Cup final was an experience selfcontained. And how the South African government put together, is exemplary for all, including us, the Indian struggling against countless mistakes when we host a sporting event International. Sunday night here in Johannesburg, there were no glitches, no traffic jams on the roads, no error of seats, no pushing and no intervention VIP. Everything went well. I would describe it as the greatest show on earth. "

Anil was overthrown by Shakira. "What presence! What a performance! Collective breath just from around the world away and create the environment for the game." The match itself was Touch and Go and Anil has been blocked. "The last time was crucial to Spain. I realized that the seat on the board de-excitation to say. I forgot everything in the final moments of the game, including the fact that they entered and forced to surrender within 24 hours. Only 96 000 people watching with my mouth open in a stadium built especially for the occasion. "

Anil met some of his colleagues from Bollywood in the stadium. "It was great meeting Shah Rukh and Gauri, even if they were sitting in a district different from me. What I really liked was the meeting Shah Rukh Aryan Sun for the first time. What a bright beautiful boy. It is certainly a chip off the old block. But the greatest most emotional moment in the match came when Nelson Mandela came. Anil chokes with emotion. "I met Mandela for my film Gandhi My Father. But I can never in my respect and admiration for the man.

Develop and style has arrived for the game only as a step forward for me over.Because accident his grand-daughter, Mandela did not come to any other party. But he made it a point to come to this, as his country is responsible for something so beautiful was a source of pride for him. I just watched, wondering how Mandela proved to be correct is a feeling of seeing the country that had brought freedom, the freedom to celebrate a wonderful event. 'Monday', Anil was returning to Mumbai. " I can be back to continue to trade movie.avi my daughter, I can not wait to see it published on August 6. After I take the month's holiday in Los Angeles. I think I earned myself a break.