Sherlyn Chopra Banned For Posting Nude Pictures On Twitter

Banned for posting nude pictures, Sherlyn hits backSherlyn Chopra, the small time sizzling actress of Bollywood, has been banned by the Twitter from posting images, which are supposed to be provocative enough to raise a controversy.

The actress has become the first celebrity from India, who has been banned by the micro-blogging site. A few days back, Chopra posted some of her nude pictures on Twitter. Many people objected to her images forcing her to take the pictures off from her profile. A rights group in Mumbai also threatened Sherlyn with legal action.

According to a source, “Sherlyn has used her Twitter account (@SherlynChopra) as a medium of exhibition. The number of her followers increased everyday with the public display of her nude pictures. Some of the followers, claiming to be social activists, however, condemned these provocative pictures.”

The source added, “They threatened her online saying that an FIR will be filed against her. These followers also informed Twitter about the act and lodged a formal complaint against her. Now, she has been asked by the site not to upload such bold images.”

Reacting on this, the sizzling Sherlyn said, “My images are not at all suggestive but yes, they are sensual. Have we lost the freedom of expression? Being an Indian girl, I know my morals.”

Well Sherlyn, we all have freedom of expression but we often misuse it or just do not know how to use it properly!