When Akshay Kumar Got Paid The Bribe?

He can be sarcastic social evil of corruption in the new film, Meetha Khattar, but our very own tangents Bollywood 'Khiladi' Akshay Kumar most paid only once. Akshay, who has collaborated with director Priyadarshan for the sixth time Meetha Khattar said that the film is a comedy reason is hatke (different), their past cooperation. "Our country is said to be still a superpower with the fastest growing economy, we have no good roads, because corruption has penetrated deep into the system" Akshay who plays the film's road contractor said.

When asked if there was a time when the actor had to spend money under the table, Akshay has admitted: "Yeah ... it was good when I had to get my car registration number that I had to bribe them. "But the 42 - year-old actor added that he would not do it again because he's afraid of getting caught next time. The star, who also produces Khatta Meetha prefers to make movies and talk about these issues . Akshay too choose to ignore the recent controversy in which he was called a donkey "of a film critic for posing with cartoonist RK Laxman challenge as an advertising gimmick Khatta Meetha a hospital in Mumbai." It's part Journalism is called. Whether good or bad is your opinion. I prefer to choose to ignore and not react, "said Akshay.

Akshay is grateful for the Bollywood mega star Amitabh Bachchan, who had taken measures concerning the use of speech and answered on the microblogging site Twitter. Actor controversial second silence on track "Bullshit" Khatta Meetha taking Potshot to corrupt politicians. "Nobody came to tell us something about the song yet. We do not name the particular political party or the track. We're just commenting on corruption," said Akshay. Khatta Meetha which also stars south Indian star Trisha is hitting theaters July 23. Courtesy: Mid-Day.com