Give Us An 'A' Certificate - Rani Mukerji

Rani Mukerji: Give us an `A` CertificateThe release date of 'No One Killed Jessica' is fast approaching and the cast and crew of the film are busy promoting the upcoming Bollywood venture.

Knowing that her middle finger act has raised a lot of eyebrows, Rani Mukerji does not mind if her upcoming film on the real life story based on the murder of Jessica Lal is awarded an adult certificate by the censor board in India.

In fact, Rani Mukerji has said in a statement to the media that she will be very happy if her upcoming film gets an adult certificate!

The actress plays a crime reporter in the film and according to what Rani Mukerji has said in her interviews to the media, it is only her character in the film which does not have any connection to the real life incident surrounding Delhi based model Jessica Lal.

Rani Mukerji's fictional character, Meera, signifies how aggressive the media in India can be and how at times they can take up the reins of justice in their own hands. The bold and fearless attitude of Meera was what attracted Rani Mukerji towards the role and she agreed to play it for the big screen.

Joining Rani Mukerji in 'No One Killed Jessica' is actress Vidya Balan. She plays Jessica Lal's real life sister Sabrina in the film. The title of the film and its incidents are inspired from an article in The Times Of India after the accused in the Jessica Lal murder case were acquitted in the year 2006.