Sheila Ki Jawaani In The Beach Party

Sheila ki Jawaani in beach partyFarah Khan, Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif at a promotional event for Tees Maar Khan held at Juhu beach over the weekend. The event had Sonu Niigaam performing the title track and Kat moving to her Sheela Ki Jawaani track. pics/ Yogen Shah

Meanwhile. . .

The Munni vs Sheila war contines. A Hitlist reader sends us five reasons why he prefers Sheila over Munni.

BRANDING: Munni is badnaam but Sheela is jawaan.

PLACE OF PERFORMANCE: Munni gyrated in some desi daaru ka adda. Sheila gyrates in a metropolitan disco bar.

DEMAND-SUPPLY CONCEPT: Munni is offering herself easily ('Darling, tere liye!'). As there is easy supply, demand is limited. Whereas Sheila is not available easily ('Main to khud se pyar jataun' and 'Tere haath kabhi na aani'), so low supply spells huge demand.

DANCE STYLE: Munni does the age-old latka jhatka (every second item number has this) while Sheila shakes her booty with drumbeats (something new).

MATHEMATICAL/PSYCHOLOGICAL ANALYSIS: Munni is sleek (though Indians invented zero it doesn't mean we like zero figures) whereas Sheila is voluptuous (that's perfect!).