Hard Fight Between Mahesh Bhatt & Javed Akhtar On Twitter

Mahesh Bhatt and Javed Akhtar fighting hard on TwitterMahesh Bhatt and Javed Akhtar exchange barbs on social networking website

WHAT: Mahesh Bhatt and Javed Akhtar have been sparring on Twitter.

WHY? Over the recent issue of lyricists' copyrights vs film producers.

IN SHORT: Akhtar was upset when Bhatt took a few producers to meet government officials to arrive at an amicable solution. He ranted out through his account on the social networking website

BHATT REACTS: This is sabre rattling - an attention-seeking ploy by him on Twitter, which has run its course. He has made these exact accusations against me before in print. I choose not to rewind and replay my old response.

Here is my reply: My commitment is to the principles of justice not to factions and groups. I support the government absolutely in their endeavour to deliver justice to the authors and composers. They have been historically denied their share of the pie.

All I asked the government was to give the producers a fair hearing which they had not done. Now since the government has done that and given a fair and workable offer, the onus lies with the producers and I implore them to act with great urgency and give the government their just offer to neutralise the grievances of the authors and composers and correct the wrong. Let me spell that out. I am not an activist.

Historically authors and composers have always been denied their legit share and it's indeed a shame the government had to step in to correct the wrong. I merely asked the government to give the producers a fair hearing. Each side has to be heard in a democracy. Even Kasab gets a hearing so why not the producers?"

SHHH... Javed Akhtar remained unavailable for comment.

Tweet Battle

Javed Akhtar

On the whole, they (producers) will get 75%. And author and composer 12.5 each. If even this makes some one unhappy then he can't be helped. (this was tweeted yesterday)

Mahesh Bhatt who claims to be an activist is actually fighting a losing battle for depriving authors of their rights. What a shame ! (on Jan 1st)

In the so-called copyright controversy, masks have slipped off some faces. The real face of "the saviour of the downtrodden" is exposed. (on Dec 31st, 2010)

90% film people in Mumbai are members of some association that is a part of the federation. It represents 90% of industry's point of view. (on Dec 30th, 2010) Mahesh Bhatt
It consists of small chieftains who delude themselves to be emperors! (this was tweeted yesterday)

The film industry is an army of generals. Everyone gives orders no one takes one! (yesterday)

The authors and composers have legitimate demands. They have been shortchanged for years. The need of the hour is to instill trust in them. (on Dec 29th, 2010)

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