Malaika Arora's Sexy Body's Secrets...

How to have a sexy body without starving yourself: Malaika Arora KhanMalaika Arora Khan takes to asanas, thanks to Kareena Kapoor
PS: Malla's also planning on writing a book on health and fitness

Kareena Kapoor has led many of her friends to follow yoga. Malaika Arora Khan is the latest to be added to the list that includes the likes of Saif Ali Khan, Tusshar Kapoor and Amrita Arora Ladhak.

Says Malaika, "I have been learning yoga for some time. Kareena and Amu (Amrita Arora) introduced me to it. Payal Gidwani has been training me.

I do yoga thrice a week at home with Payal's girl, alternating it between gym and pilates. Now I really look forward to my sessions with Kareena and Amu. We are yoga junkies."

While Malaika has been introduced to asanas by Kareena, Malaika's husband Arbaaz has been a 'yoga junkie' for many years.

"Arbaaz is into rituals and holistic healing like yoga and vipassana but stopped completely for more than a year.

Once he became a producer with Dabangg, he got caught up in pre and post-production work and stopped doing it completely. I have been asking him to start doing it again."

Besides doing yoga thrice a week for an hour Malaika also works out thrice a week. "I am mostly into weight-training with my trainer when at the gym."

The yummy mummy is planning to bring out a book on healthy food habits and workouts. "I love talking about healthy food, home-made remedies and giving health tips.

So yes, I have been thinking about writing a book on how to have a sexy body without starving yourself."

Munni's diet

One glass of warm water with honey and lime
One litre of warm water

One small bowl of seasonal fruit
Idli or poha or upma or porridge

12 noon
A glass of vegetable juice with amla
One egg white with two brown toasts

Brown or red Goa rice
2-3 vegetables
Chicken or fish
One bowl of sprouts as salad

4 pm
Idli or poha or upma or one peanut butter sandwich
Dinner (have latest by 8 pm)
Soups or salad. A light meal but no lentils (daals).

If hungry have an orange or carrots or any seasonal fruits or dry fruits like figs, almonds and apricots.

Health Tips
>> Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dine like a pauper
>> NO carbohydrates at night
>> Don't starve eat healthy and everything but in moderation. Avoid fried foods. Have a diet for the week and binge on Sundays
>> Cook everything in extra virgin olive oil
>> Have plenty of carbs through the day like sweet potatoes, potatoes and brown bread. Have potatoes in their jackets roasted.
>> If you eat healthy, you will go a long way